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analog volt meters


Analog Conductivity Meters | CDH-23 CDH-27
Description The CDH23 and CDH27 have been discontinued. Please see the CDH220 series as a possible alternative or contact our sales department. The CDH-23 and CDH-27 are ... - 110K - 2/3/2016

Economical Strain Indicators with Built-in Sensor Excitation | DP25-S
Examples of pricing for popular models is referenced in the "To Order" box. Use the "Part Number Builder" below to get pricing for all available models. Place Order(Specify Model ... - 111K - 1/26/2016

Discriminating Liquid Level Sensor | LV132
Internal logic discriminates between water- and hydrocarbon-based liquids. No moving parts and solid-state switching encased in a rugged housing ensure dependable, long service. A ... - 99K - 1/26/2016

1/16 DIN Autotune Temperature Controllers | CN63100 Series
... Comes with complete operator's manual. For "-C4" RS485 option, software is a free download from Ordering Example: (1) CN63100-R1-R2-AL 85 to 250 Vac , dual output, ... - 190K - 1/26/2016

PTFE Liquid Flow Sensors | FPR-1500
... Comes complete with 0.9 m (3') long cable with pigtails and operator's manual. Note: Maximum differential pressure (delta P) across flow sensor occurs at maximum rated flow using ... - 128K - 1/26/2016

Battery-Operated DC Motor Speed Control | OMDC-65 Series PWM Speed Control for 12, 24, and 36-volt Battery
Battery-Operated DC Motor Speed Control OMDC-65 Series PWM Speed Control for 12, 24, and 36-volt Battery Battery-Operated DC Motor Speed Control Available in Chassis or Enclosure ... - 154K - 1/31/2016

Radio Telemetry System for Strain Gages, Thermocouples and Voltage Signals | TX20B
The TX20B operates in a band which does not require an FCC license. Place Order(Specify Model Number) ADD TO CART + Part Number/Desc. Availability Price Description Qty TX20B-S1 ... - 264K - 1/26/2016

Strain/Microvoltmeter Indicator Controller, 1/8 Din | DP2000-S Series
...Gauge Sensitivity Down to 0.20 mV/V Ratiometric Measurement 1 or 0.2 mV/Count Analog Output LED or LCD Display Automatic Polarity Display Hold and Test Screw-Terminal Barrier Strip ... - 132K - 1/26/2016

High Accuracy True-RMS Scalable Indicator for AC Sinusoidal and Non-Sinusoidal Signals | DP25-VRMS &...
The To Order box reflects base models only. In order to configure a part number with options, use the part number builder below. Panel Punches are available for this product here. ... - 132K - 1/26/2016

Portable Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers with Display | OM-70 Series
Weight, Easy-to-Use User Selectable Stop on Memory Full or Memory Rollover for Continuous Recording PC Delayed Start or Pushbutton Recording Control Read Recorded Data on Logger ... - 117K - 1/26/2016

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