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clamp on flow meters


Clamp Meter | HHM250
Ideal for monitoring electrical power sources to troubleshoot or evaluate. Measures RMS voltage and current frequency with precision accuracy. SPECIFICATIONS Numerical Display: ... - 93K - 2/9/2016

Clamp Meter 400 A | HHM-EX623
The double molded case is designed for heavy-duty use. This meter is shipped fully tested and calibrated, and with proper use, will provide years of reliable service. Please ... - 91K - 2/6/2016

1000A Clamp Meters with Infrared Thermometer | HHM-EX830
Description The HHM-EX830 is a true RMS 1000A clamp meter. This meter measures AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, diode test, continuity, ... - 91K - 2/9/2016

Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Clean Liquids | FDT7000
Power Supply Cable: 3 m (9.8') standard Display: LCD display Weight: 0.5 kg (1.10 lb) Place Order(Specify Model Number) ADD TO CART + Part Number/Desc. Availability Price ... - 141K - 2/9/2016

Doppler Ultrasonic Flow meters | FD613 and FD614
Measures Fluid Velocities from 0.3 to 30.0 FPS (0.10 to 9.00 MPS) 100:1 Turndown Ratio Pipe Sizes from 6.3 mm (0.25") CE Version Available NIST Standard Handheld Meters - View ... - 133K - 2/10/2016

Ultrasonic Flow Meter | Wall Mount | FDT21W Series
Sensors are placed on the pipe and fastened by means of a clamp. The display will quickly show the flow velocity. The FDT-21W can be used for metallic, plastic and rubber tubes. ... - 103K - 2/7/2016

Amp Meter | OMEGAETTE® HHM221
Amp Meter Pocket Size DATA HOLD Function Autoranging Clamp on Meters - View related products Order Table Description Specs Manuals Reviews Print Top Description The HHM220 is a ... - 89K - 2/9/2016

Two line LCD, LED backlit; top row 18 mm (0.7") height, 7-segment; bottom row 9 mm (0.35") height, 14-segment Icons: RUN, PROGRAM, RELAY1, RELAY2 Flow Rate Indication: 8-digit ... - 442K - 2/10/2016

Flow Meter Process Control Information Systems | FLR D Series
Fixed or toggle modes of operation for rate and totalizer display. 8-digit, 0.70" high numeric display for rate and total 8-digit 0.35" high alphanumeric display for units and ... - 335K - 2/10/2016

Transit-Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter | FDT-30 Series
Series is housed in an enclosure suitable for outdoor mounting. Integral mount transducers are available for pipes 50 mm (2") and smaller. SPECIFICATIONs Liquid Types: Most clean ... - 196K - 2/7/2016

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