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digital manometers

Wide selection of digital manometers

Digital Manometer, Pressure manometer | HHP240 Series
Hold and Display Averaging Modes. Both units are available in differential, gage or absolute pressure ranges. SPECIFICATIONS Accuracy: HHP241: ±0.25% FS HHP242: ±0.1% FS Storage ... - 200K - 7/27/2016

Digital Manometer for Clean Dry Gases | HHP4200 Series
Five models are available covering ranges from 0-2 to 0-100 psi. All models feature user selectable engineering units, MIN/MAX memory and a bright backlit display for easy viewing ... - 109K - 7/28/2016

Digital Manometer, digital manometers | HHP-103
High Resolution to 0.001 inH2O Low Range 0 to 1.999 inH2O, High Range 0 to 10.04 inH2O Rugged, Water- Resistant Case Measure Differential, Gage, or Vacuum Selectable Engineering ... - 97K - 7/28/2016

Smart Manometer, digital pressure manometer | HHP350 Series
... Handheld manometer with 0 to 200 inch of water (7.2 psi) differential pressure range and ±0.05% FS accuracy HHP351-C $985.00 Available In 7 Weeks Qty 0 Handheld manometer with 0 ... - 290K - 7/27/2016

Handheld Digital Manometers, Ranges from 10.00 to 2815 INH20 with Leak Testing and Datalogging Options...
There are three models to choose from. The HHP200x is an inH2O unit with zero and hold functions. The HHP202x has the above features plus 10 selectable units, min/max, range lock, ... - 175K - 7/27/2016

Altitude can be displayed in either meters or feet. The HHP360 Series also has a leak test mode to determine the rate of leakage in a pneumatic system, and data logging, either ... - 92K - 7/27/2016

Low Cost Digital Handheld Manometer | HHP680
Omega Quality manometers. The unit comes complete with tubing, fitting, soft carrying case and batteries. Typical applications include HVAC, commercial and automotive. ... - 85K - 7/28/2016

Handheld Digital Pressure Meter | HHP-90
Pressure Ports: tube connectors for 8 mm I.D. flexible tubing Dimensions: 155 x 67 x 40 mm (6.1 x 2.6 x 1.6") Weight: 180 grams (6.4 oz) without protective boot Please review ... - 91K - 7/28/2016

Rotameters Plastic | FL-86 Series
Comes complete with operator's manual. For 5-point NIST calibration certificate, add suffix "-NIST5" to model number, add $250 to price. For 10-point NIST calibration certificate, ... - 121K - 7/28/2016

Positive Displacement (PD) Flowmeters | FTB3001,FTB3002
Conventional oval gears have teeth that mesh. One of the advantages of smooth oval gears is that the viscous flow does not get trapped or squeezed between the gears. Typically, ... - 117K - 7/28/2016

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