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digital volt ohm meter

Wide selection of digital volt ohm meter

Loop Powered Displacement Transmitters with Excitation for AC LVDT's, Works with LD200 and LD300 Series...
Range of Gain Control: 3.5 to 1 switched, 5 to 1 adjustable Range of Zero Control: Up to 100% on max gain Output Current: 4 to 20 mA 2-wire or 0 to 20 mA 3-wire Output Impedance: ... - 92K - 7/23/2016

6 Input Temperature Controller | CN616 Series
Individual zones can be locked for monitoring. Each instrument is programmable to meet operator needs for: Thermocouple Type, Temperature units; Hi, Lo or Hi/Lo Alarm configured as ... - 104K - 7/22/2016

Handheld Transducer Indicators with Excitation for Millivolt Transducers | HHP-SG
Transducer Excitation Voltage: 2.46 Vdc Minimum Transducer Resistance: 350 Ohms minimum Input Signal Sensitivity: 0.5 to 4.0 mV/V for full scale indication Peak Detector Bleed-Of: ... - 86K - 7/23/2016

Portable Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers with Display | OM-70 Series
... For the most part these are solid units. I have had a couple that had the screens go out on them after 5 years or so and the plastic gets discolored when exposed to sunlight. One ... - 145K - 7/22/2016

Ramp/Soak Temperature Controllers | CN3251
... Software for communication option. CNQUENCHARC $14.25 More Than 25 In Stock Qty 0 Noise Suppression RC snubber (2 leads), 110 to 230 Vac ADD TO CART + † All amounts shown in USD ... - 225K - 7/22/2016

USB Data Acquisition Modules for Thermocouples Process Signals | OMB-DAQ-54, OMB-DAQ-55 and OMB-DAQ-56
Can be Located Up to 5 Meters (16.4') from the PC High-Resolution, 22-Bit A/D Converter Frequency/Pulse/Duty-Cycle Measurements Up to 1 MHz* Convenient Removable Screw- Terminal ... - 143K - 7/22/2016

Universal Meter / Controller, Ultra High Performance | DP41-B
The versatile DP41-B handles a broad spectrum of dc voltage and current ranges, nine thermocouple types, multiple RTD's, and signals from strain gauge transducers such as load ... - 195K - 7/22/2016

Universal Input Temperature Controller | CN8240 and CN8260 Series
Vac and 120 to 250 Vdc. A 24 Vac/24 Vdc power supply option is also available. Calibrations for most thermocouples and RTD's are available, as well as for millivolt linear, volt ... - 294K - 7/22/2016

Voltage meter, Volt meter | HHM98P
The HHM98P multifunction clamp-on meter provides high accuracy and reliability in a low-cost, portable package. The built-in AC clamp makes this meter ideal for troubleshooting ... - 95K - 7/23/2016

Digital Panel Meter | DP460
Vdc or current to 20 mA. The DP460-E accepts the same ranges as the DP460-V, but includes a 24 Vdc transducer power supply. For transducers with millivolt outputs, the DP460-S ... - 101K - 7/22/2016

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