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dmm meter


HHM61: Compact DMM/AC Clamp Meter and Digital Thermometer
Compact DMM/AC Clamp Meter and Digital Thermometer HHM61 Digital Multimeter and Thermometer See All Models Below PLACE ORDER Measures: Current to 400 A ac; Voltage to 750 Vac, 400 ... - 88K - 11/23/2015

HHM59: DMM/Thermometer With AC Clamp Feature
and operator's manual Ordering Example: (1) HHM59 digital clamp meter tester, $145.00 Keywords: DMM/Thermometer With AC Clamp Feature, amp meter, multimetre, insulated ... - 92K - 11/23/2015

HHM9007R: High Performance Digital Thermometer and Digital Multimeter
Description The HHM9007R is a full featured, high performance digital multimeter (DMM) built with a double molded case to support rugged use and improved gripping. The meter comes ... - 97K - 11/23/2015

HHM10, HHM20 and HHM30 Series: Low-Cost Handheld DMMs
... Ordering Example: (1) HHM21 Auto-ranging DMM with type K Thermocouple,, $85.00 Product ... Multimeter Download Digital Capacitance Meter Download Digital Multimeter Download ... - 182K - 11/23/2015

HHM800 Series: Flexible AC Current Probes PRODUCT DISCONTINUED
for direct readings on DMM's, loggers, oscilloscopes and power or harmonic meters. ... Keywords: Flexible AC Current Probes, Models HHM801 through HHM817, amp meter, current ... - 99K - 11/23/2015

FTB-930: Ball Bearing Gas Turbine Flowmeters with Male NPT Fittings
... Turbine Flowmeters with Male NPT Fittings, gas flow meter, gas meter, turbine flow meter, dmm meter electrical automation controls emergency button pneumatic differential pressure ... - 166K - 11/23/2015

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Handheld Meters
Type of inputs Any ac current ac Volts BTU Capacitance Conductivity Dew Point Dissolved Oxygen Distance DMM Flow Rate(Air Velocity) Flow Rate(Liquid) Force Frequency Gauss Humidity ... - 45K - 11/23/2015

FTB-100 Series: Turbine Flowmeters with Economical Ball Bearing Design
... .75, $1,179.00 Keywords: Turbine Flowmeters with Economical Ball Bearing Design, liquid flow sensor , calibrating a ph meter digital clamp meter dmm probe multimeter frequency - 143K - 11/23/2015

FTB-200 Series: Economical Ball Bearing Turbine Flowmeters With 37° Flare Fittings
... PRICED IN US$) Keywords: Economical Ball Bearing Turbine Flowmeters With 37 Degree Flare Fittings, liquid flow sensor , dmm meter dmm probe liquid level switch push button station - 180K - 11/23/2015

FSW-9000 Series: Liquid Flow Transmitter and Switch
... Keywords: Liquid Flow Switch, Flow Switch, Liquid Flow Transmitter, thermal flow measurement , digital clamp meters digital multimeter dmm dmm multimeter red strobe light - 148K - 11/23/2015

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