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CN3101 : 1/4 DIN Limit Temperature/Process Controllers with Modular...
For Special Options Consult Sales or Temperature Engineering for Availability and ... for process measurement control, industrial automation controls, process control ... - 116K - 9/27/2015

LD310 : AC Long Stroke Displacement Transducers Discontinued...
Automation Linear Servo Actuator Industrial Automation Controls Motion Control Displacement ... series as a possible substitute or consult OMEGA's Pressure Engineering department. ... - 129K - 10/11/2015

LD400 : Miniature DC Output Displacement Transducers with Acetal...
Automation Linear Servo Actuator Industrial Automation Controls Motion Control Displacement ... suited to applications in civil, mechanical, chemical and production engineering. ... - 93K - 10/11/2015

RPM Series - Mini Parallel 2-Jaw Gripper : Parallel Pneumatic...
... , factory motion, end of arm tooling, clean room gripper, directconnect, humidity measuring instrument industrial automation engineer industrial gas heaters process control tuning - 101K - 10/11/2015

PX5100 Rangeable Pressure Transmitter : Pressure Transmitter...
Pressure Transmitter, Industrial, Rangeable PX5100 ... Scale to Display in Engineering Units MIN/MAX and HOLD ... pressures in process automation, hydraulic systems, ... - 126K - 10/11/2015

RPMC Series - Mini Parallel 2-Jaw Clean Room Gripper : Parallel...
... of arm tooling, Robohand, De-Sta-Co, clean room gripper, directconnect, industrial automation engineer industrial gas heaters pcb screw terminal block wireless temperature ... - 103K - 10/11/2015

LMF Series : Benchtop Muffle Furnace with a 550 Cubic Inch Chamber
Two temperature controller models are available: automatic ... and wastewater treatment industries. These furnaces are also used in chemistry, physics, and engineering laboratories. ... - 102K - 10/4/2015

HHLM112SD : Handheld Light Meter With Data Logging SD Card
engineers, building maintenance personnel and anyone who wants to measure illuminance. Ideal for Industrial and ... Measurements can be made automatically at any sampling rate ... - 99K - 10/11/2015

LVM Series : Level Track Mounting Systems
... + 38.00 + 112.00 X 2 = $410.00 Keywords: Level Track Mounting Systems, industrial potentiometers outside temperature sensor process automation engineering rtd signal conditioning - 120K - 9/20/2015

VIP Series : Veterinary Implantation Probes for Thermocouples...
They are not intended for medicinal use, or on humans. OMEGA Engineering, Inc. ... RTDs, and Thermistors, for industrial automation immersion heater coil resistive ... - 87K - 10/11/2015