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industrial potentiometers


Level Track Mounting Systems | LVM Series
Mixer Compatible With Rotational Velocities of Up to 1.5 fps Optional Side Mount Bracket Conveniently Mounts the Track to Tank Wall Permits Different Sensing Technologies for ... - 131K - 5/30/2016

Sanitary Thermowells for Use with Sensors with 1/4" or 3/8" Diameter Probes | S Series Sanitary Thermowells
Sanitary Sensors and Sanitary Thermowells. Sanitary Sensors can be selected to match your well dimensions. See the related links below. Most Omega temperature instrumentation with ... - 127K - 5/30/2016

Summing Junction Boxes NEMA-4X Enclosure | SBJ2
Compression type for wire up to 0.25" diameter Span: ±3% adjustment Place Order(Specify Model Number) ADD TO CART + Part Number/Desc. Availability Price Description Qty SBJ2 ... - 87K - 5/30/2016

Compliance and Installation Control Drawings. The PXM509-IS is also available in standard configurations, with ranges from 0-10 in H2O to 0-3500 psi ranges and standard threads. ... - 168K - 5/30/2016

1/8 DIN Digital Potentiometer | OMDC-DP4 Digital Potentiometer
Sample Application: User interface for an industrial conveyor oven where the digital display shows process oven time. The OMDC-DP4 is connected to the existing adjustable-frequency ... - 85K - 5/30/2016

Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitter | PX509-IS Series
Compliance and Installation Control Drawings. The PX509-IS is also available in metric configurations, with ranges from 0-25 mb to 0-245 bar ranges and metric threads. Please see ... - 167K - 5/30/2016

Industrial RTD (PT100) Probes with Cast Iron Protection Head | PR-12
Sales Department for availability and pricing. Place Order(Specify Model Number) What Other People Bought: When you see this icon, click on it to expand a list of products that ... - 133K - 5/30/2016

High Line Differential Pressure Transducer | PX509HL Series
... Comes complete with 5-point NIST traceable calibration. Ordering Example: (1) PX519HL-100DWB5V-R High Line Pressure Transmitter with Mini-DIN connector, ±100 psi bidirectional ... - 182K - 5/30/2016

Conductivity or Resistivity Controller | CDCN441
The menus are self guiding with simple three button programming. Available control outputs include ON-OFF or pulse width modulation. The transmitter output is also programmable ... - 137K - 5/30/2016

Conductivity, TDS and Resistivity Controller | TDS Controller | CDCN-961
The CDCN-961 has simple menu driven programming for easy setup. Available relays can be programmed for control, alarm or as a calibration reminder. The transmitter output is also ... - 95K - 5/30/2016

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