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k type thermocouple connectors


K Type Thermocouple Extension Wire | EXGG-K, EXTT-K, EXPP-K and EXFF-K
The "To Order" box contains some examples of popular models. Use the "Part Number Builder" (Below Table) to get pricing for all available models. Use the table below as a guide for ... - 151K - 1/26/2016

Thermocouple Terminal Blocks Type K, J, E, T, R | XBTK Series
E, T, R XBTK Series Thermocouple Terminal Blocks Type K, J, E, T, R Type J, K, T, E, R/S Terminal Blocks 10.4 mm Wide with Dual Wire Thermocouple -Grade Alloys Screw Type Terminal ... - 154K - 2/5/2016

Calibrator Module, J, K, T Thermocouple, Model HH20-CAL Plugs into Handeld Indicator | HH20CAL
Examples of pricing for popular models is referenced in the "To Order" box. Use the "Part Number Builder" below to get pricing for all available models. Place Order(Specify Model ... - 125K - 2/6/2016

Ready Made Thermocouples with Connectors | Types J, K, T, E | 5LRTC, and 5SRTC Series
Wires with Glass Braid Insulation. Maximum Service Temp 480°C (900°F) 1 and 2 meter (36 and 72") Lengths Standard Convenient 5-Pack Molded Subminiature Connector with Integral ... - 154K - 2/5/2016

Low Noise Thermocouple Probes with Miniature Connectors Model numbers GJMQSS,GKMQSS,GEMQSS,GTMQSS | G...
Specify junction type: G (Grounded), E (Exposed), or U (Ungrounded). See tips on selecting the thermocouple junction. Want to learn more about thermocouples? Go to our thermocouple ... - 139K - 1/31/2016

Probe and Sensor Kit with Heavy Duty Thermocouples and Miniature Connectors Models TK-1-(*) and TK-2...
TK-1 and TK-2 Kit Attache Type and Rugged Carrying Case Styles Available in J, K or E Calibrations Features 7 Probes, Wire and Extension Cables Complete Assortment of Accessories ... - 112K - 1/26/2016

PFA Coated Thermocouple Probes with Standard Connectors, Model numbers ICSS, CASS, CPSS, CXSS | (*)SS...
Examples of some popular models are listed in the To Order Box. For full configuration availability please use the Part Number Builder. exposed junction. View the Thermocouple ... - 114K - 2/6/2016

Thermocouple to Analog Converter | SMCJ Series
Output Load: 1 K-Ohms Min. Power: 3.6 V AA Lithium Battery Battery Life: 1440 hrs (60 days) of continuous operation. (no load). Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C Dimensions: 100 L ... - 113K - 1/26/2016

High Temperature Quick Disconnect Thermocouple probe sensor with NHX Connector, Model Number NHX Ceramic...
... Inconel sheath not available in 0.010" O.D. with type T. To order with 316 stainless steel sheath, change "SS" in model nunber to "316SS" No add'l cost. Ordering Example: (1) ... - 152K - 1/29/2016

Super OMEGACLAD® Thermocouple Probes - Quick Disconnect Probes with Miniature Size Connectors | KMQXL...
Probes are an excellent choice for high temperature measurement. They provide very low drift at high temperatures as compared to conventional Inconel and Stainless Steel sheathed ... - 126K - 1/26/2016