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latching pushbutton


CN3261 Series: Temperature High Limit Controller
Protects Processes and Equipment From Excessive Temperatures DIN Rail and Sub-Panel Mounting J, K Thermocouple or RTD Input Terminals Provided for Remote Pushbutton Reset Latching, ... - 108K - 11/23/2015

HHT20A Series: Laser Tachometer
reflective target Power-On Switch: Pistol-grip trigger; can be locked on with latching pushbutton for long-duration measurements Power: 4 "AA" alkaline batteries (included); ... - 105K - 11/23/2015

OMPBD7-SS 22mm Series Selector Switches: Selector Switches 2-Way, 3-Way & 4-Way Heavy-Duty/Oil Tight...
Selector Switches $28.00 OMPBD7P-SM22PX01 PLACE ORDER Heavy-Duty/Oil Tight Pushbuttons Quick Installation with Tool-Less Mounting Latch Plastic Operators: NEMA 4/4X/13 and IP65/66 ... - 272K - 11/23/2015

LVU41 and LVU42 Series: Ultrasonic Non-Contact Level Measurement
... (1) CNI3233 1/32 DIN controller with relays, $195.00 Keywords: Ultrasonic Non-Contact Level Measurement, level sensor, iec cord ip66 enclosures push button toggle pushbutton latch - 112K - 11/23/2015

LVU800 Series: Non-Contact Loop Powered Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
... non-contact level, level sensor, continuous level measurement, liquid level indicators, water transducer , electrical enclosure push button toggle pushbutton latch thermo sensors - 176K - 11/23/2015

OMPBD7-IL Illuminated Push Buttons: 22 mm Illuminated Pushbuttons and E-Stops
Illuminated 22.5mm Pushbuttons, E-Stops $39.00 OMPBD7P-LMM43PX10 PLACE ORDER Flush or Extended Operators Mushroom, Push-Pull or Twist-To-Release Operators Tool-less Mounting Latch ... - 361K - 11/23/2015

OMPBD7 22mm Push Buttons: Non-illuminated Heavy Duty/Oil Tight Push Buttons and Push Button Enclosures
Latch Plastic Operators: NEMA 4/4X/13 (IP66) Environmental Rating Metal Operators: NEMA 4/13 (IP66) Environmental Rating Heavy-Duty Current Ratings (10A continuous) Pushbuttons, ... - 394K - 11/23/2015

10250T Series: Heavy-Duty 30.5mm Metal Push Buttons, Selector Switches, Contact Blocks, Legend Plates...
Key and Lever Selector Switches: 3000 operations per hr Auto-Latch Devices: 1200 operations per hr Life: Pushbuttons: 10 x 106 operations Contact Blocks: 10 x 106 operations ... - 434K - 11/23/2015

via the integral pushbutton display module. Each relay can be configured on a single set-point (high level alarm or low level alarm) or latched on two set points for ... - 111K - 11/23/2015

CN8100 Series: 1/4 DIN, PID, On/Off, or Limit Controllers
Reset of the latching output relay is done from a reset pushbutton on the front panel of the controller. Place Order(Specify Model Number) What Other People Bought: When you see ... - 125K - 11/23/2015

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