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latching pushbutton

Wide selection of latching pushbutton

High Limit Temperature Controller | CN3261 Series
Limit Temperature Controller | CN3261 Series Temperature High Limit Controller CN3261 Series High Limit Temperature Controller bvseo_sdk, net_sdk, CLOUD, ... - 109K - 7/25/2016

Laser Tachometer | HHT20A Series
Recharger (Optional): 115 or 230 Vac, 7.8 Vdc at 50 mA max Remote Optical Sensor (Optional) Size: 74 L x 15 mm OD (2.90 L x 0.62"); M16 threaded tube, 2.4 m (8') cable 51 x 51 x 20 ... - 106K - 7/26/2016

Selector Switches | OMPBD7-SS 22mm Series Selector Switches
Now you can snap on up to 6 contact blocks, with no tools. How does Monentary vs Maintained apply to Selector Switches? 2-Way and 3-Way selector switches come in multiple ... - 287K - 7/26/2016

Ultrasonic Non-Contact Level Measurement | LVU41 and LVU42 Series
Continuous level measurement can be provided in a range of 0.3 to 18.3 m (1.0 to 60') with several power and programmability options. Point level can also be obtained using a PLC ... - 111K - 7/26/2016

Non-Contact Loop Powered Ultrasonic Level Transmitter | LVU800 Series
... Comes complete with operator's manual. Ordering Example: (1) LVU816 2-wire transmitter 16.4' range, programming display, 2 NPT, 2-wire transmitter 16.4' range, programming display, ... - 186K - 7/26/2016

22mm Push Buttons, Selector Switches and E-Stops | OMPBD7 22mm Push Buttons
What is Momentary vs Maintained? When a pushbutton is pressed, it will open or close a circuit. A momentary pushbutton will allow the electrical contact to return to is original ... - 425K - 7/26/2016

Heavy-Duty 30.5mm Metal Pushbuttons, Selector Switches, Contact Blocks, Legend Plates and Push Buttons...
Series operators have "grounding nibs"?4 metal points on the operator casting designed to bite through most paints and other coatings on metal panels to enhance the ground ... - 476K - 7/26/2016

Limit Controller | CN8100 Series
Contollers Can Be Ordered with One or Two Outputs. Output One: 5 Amp Relay or 2 Aac SSR. Output Two: 5 Amp Relay or 1 Aac SSR Limit Controllers have One 5 Amp Relay and Are FM ... - 129K - 7/25/2016

Ultrasonic Level Switch | LVCN1700 Series
Offered in 3 Ranges From 3 to 8 m (9.8 to 26.2') Configuration is Simple Via Integral Pushbutton Display Module Three Programmable Relays for Switch, Pump Control and Fail-Safety ... - 112K - 7/26/2016

Illuminated 22.5mm Pushbuttons, E-Stops | OMPBD7-IL Illuminated Push Buttons
Both are finished with corrosion resistant chrome plating. The OMPBD7M also features a captive shiny metal bezel for a polished appearance. Less Inventory, More Choices Omega ... - 390K - 7/25/2016

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