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measure conductivity


Conductivity Meter & Tester | Resistivity Meter & Tester | CDH-93
Weight with Case: 178 g (6.28 oz) Place Order(Specify Model Number) ADD TO CART + Part Number/Desc. Availability Price Description Qty CDH-93 Availability: In Stock $185.00 ... - 96K - 2/9/2016

Conductivity Level Controllers | LVCN4000 Series
Electrode Length: 100 to 2000 mm (3.9" to 6.5') Output Voltage of Electrodes: 12 V to 100 Hz Weight: Approx. 2.7 kg (6 lb) for 1.2 m (4') Protection Class: NEMA 4 (IP65) Place ... - 134K - 2/6/2016

Analog Conductivity Meters | CDH-23 CDH-27
Description The CDH23 and CDH27 have been discontinued. Please see the CDH220 series as a possible alternative or contact our sales department. The CDH-23 and CDH-27 are ... - 110K - 2/3/2016

Portable Conductivity Meter | CDH-280-KIT
KIT Portable Conductivity Meter Four user selectable ranges Easy to Operate Ideal for most Water applications Handheld Meters - View related products Order Table Description Specs ... - 119K - 2/3/2016

Conductivity or Resistivity Controller | CDCN441
The menus are self guiding with simple three button programming. Available control outputs include ON-OFF or pulse width modulation. The transmitter output is also programmable ... - 139K - 2/10/2016

Conductivity, TDS and Resistivity Controller | TDS Controller | CDCN-961
The CDCN-961 has simple menu driven programming for easy setup. Available relays can be programmed for control, alarm or as a calibration reminder. The transmitter output is also ... - 96K - 2/11/2016

Conductivity, TDS and Salt Meter with Real Time SD Card Data Logger | CDH-SD1
TDS and Salt Meter with Real Time SD Card Data Logger CDH-SD1 LCD with Green Light Backlighting Conductivity, TDS or Salt Measurements Real Time SD Memory Card Data Logger ... - 125K - 2/11/2016

Water-Resistant Conductivity/TDS Meters with Visual Alarm | CDH-720 TDS-720 Series
Please download specifications for complete list of available models. Place Order(Specify Model Number) What Other People Bought: When you see this icon, click on it to expand a ... - 101K - 2/9/2016

pH, ORP and Conductivity Controller and Transmitter | PHUCN601, PHUCN610, PHUTX601
Series is powered up for the first time. After the user selects a meter type the PHUCN600 Series will remain set to that meter type until it is changed with the meter selection ... - 236K - 2/10/2016

Portable Conductivity/Resistivity/TDS/Salinity Meter | CDH-287-KIT
Practical Salinity in the Range of 2 - 42.0, in Accordance with UNESCO Data Programmable Temperature Coefficient Microprocessor-Based Easy to Operate Ideal for Most Water ... - 126K - 2/9/2016

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