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metal electronic enclosures Selection

OM-AMFS Series Electrical Cabinet : Non-Metallic Fiberglass NEMA...
Submit Part Number All OMEGA Non-Metallic Fiberglass NEMA 4X Free Standing Electrical Enclosures, 1 & 2 Door Models, ... Insulates and Houses Electrical and Electronic Controls, ... - 98K - 8/22/2015

Free Standing Electrical Cabinets
and electronic controls, instruments and components. These are available with either front or front & rear door access. Indoor and outdoor enclosures are available in metal, ... - 119K - 8/21/2015

SCE-LP 2-DOOR Series Indoor/Outdoor Electrical Enclosure : NEMA...
Submit Part Number All OMEGA NEMA Type 3R & 12 Two-Door Metal Electrical Enclosures - Sizes from ... designed to house electrical and electronic controls, instruments and ... - 171K - 8/22/2015

SCE-FS Series Electrical Enclosure : NEMA Type 3R &4 Free-Standing...
SCE-FS Series electrical enclosure is designed to house a variety of electrical and electronic controls, equipment and ... waterproof and rain proof metal enclosures, control panels, ... - 234K - 8/22/2015

SCE-ELSS Series Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosures : NEMA...
Application The SCE-ELSS Series Electrical Enclosures are designed to house electrical and electronic controls, ... AND CABINETS, Outdoor Metal Enclosure, Weatherproof ... - 863K - 8/22/2015

SCE-60EL and SCE-72EL Outdoor Enclosure : NEMA Type 3R & 4 EnvirolineĀ®...
indoor/outdoor electrical enclosures are designed to house electrical and electronic controls, instruments and ... Type 4 , 3R Enviroline Series Metal Electrical Enclosures and ... - 140K - 8/22/2015

OMPBD7-IL Illuminated Push Buttons : 22 mm Illuminated Pushbuttons...
... The OMPBD7 line is also electronics compatible with self ... Metal operators are Type 4/13 and Type 4/4X/13 for plastic ... Qty 0 22mm Pushbutton Enclosures OMPBD7-1MP Availability: ... - 321K - 8/21/2015

DVG-64 : Digital Vacuum Gauge with LCD Readout
Digital vacuum gage, $185.00 Keywords: Digital Vacuum Gauge, Electronic Vacuum Gauge, Vacuum Pressure Gage, LCD Readout, electromagnetic flowmeter metal electronics enclosures - 79K - 8/22/2015

HH63 Series : Stick Type Temperature Transducer and Thermometer
Transducer and Thermometer, Models HH63KF-MV, HH63KC-MV, and HH63-K, thermocouple meter, temperature meter, accelerometer measurement metal electronic enclosures the accelerometer - 90K - 8/22/2015

FV-200 Series : All-Plastic Vortex Flow Meter for Corrosive Liquids
All electronics are housed in a corrosion-resistant enclosure. Unlike meters containing metal or moving parts, the FV-200 is perfect for aggressive or easily contaminated fluids. ... - 286K - 8/22/2015

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