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modular plc


High Performance Modular Expandable PLC | EZPLC Series
Description EZPLC is the most innovative PLC in its class. It is packed with power only found in high-end PLCs that cost 3 to 5 times more. It also sports the most flexible I/O in ... - 361K - 2/8/2016

Enhanced Modular Controller Series Master | CSMSTRLE
Modular Controller Series slave modules. The CSMSTR uses a proprietary high speed serial protocol to communicate, via backplane connection, with up to 16 slave modules. Through the ... - 241K - 2/8/2016

Enhanced Modular Controller Series Master | CSMSTRSX, CSMSTRGT
Description Web-enable your PLC! The CSMSTR is a communications and control platform which can turn your PLC or controller into a SCADA system. With its extensive list of built-in ... - 242K - 2/2/2016

Master Controller for CS Series Control Modules, Communication and Control Platform for PLSs, PCs and...
Graphical Interface, Crimson 3.0 Software Included DIN Rail Mounting, Space Saver Package Automation Controllers and HMI - View related products Order Table Description Specs ... - 237K - 2/2/2016

Touch Screen System | EZP-PLC Series
Each and every EZI/O module can be utilized with EZPLC, EZ Series TouchPLC and EZ Series TextPLC for a truly modular I/O. I/O Status LED Indicators LED indicator lights on every ... - 300K - 2/6/2016

Text Panels with Integrated PLC | EZ220-PLC and EZ420-PLC Series
Interface in a very compact package. It utilizes EZPLC's base and thus capable of all the features present in our EZPLC and uses our 'mix-match' modular EZ I/O to deliver a truly ... - 332K - 2/8/2016

Clear In-Line Flowmeters | FLC Series
... Comes complete with operator's manual. For BSPP connections, add suffix "-BSPP" to model number, no additional cost. Ordering Example: (1) FLC-W13 3.4 NPT water flow meter for 3 to ... - 134K - 2/7/2016

In-line Flow meters for Use With Water and Air | FL-500
Settings are easily adjustable with a screwdriver. SPECIFICATIONS Accuracy: ±5% FS Construction: Flow tube and float: PVC Internal Wetted Parts: 316 SS end fittings Brass, Female ... - 166K - 2/8/2016

Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter | FMG900 Series
Reverse flow output and immersibility are optional. A rapidly reversing magnetic field is produced in the lower housing. As the fluid moves through this field, a voltage is ... - 136K - 2/5/2016

Cables for use with the G3 HMIs, DSP series, and CSMSTR series | G3 CBL Series
Red Lion Modular Controller Master to the listed device. Place Order(Specify Model Number) ADD TO CART + Part Number/Desc. Availability Price Description Qty RoHS RoHS Search the ... - 273K - 2/8/2016

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