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modular plc

Wide selection of modular plc

High Performance Modular Expandable PLC | EZPLC Series
Description EZPLC is the most innovative PLC in its class. It is packed with power only found in high-end PLCs that cost 3 to 5 times more. It also sports the most flexible I/O in ... - 359K - 6/26/2016

Clear In-Line Flowmeters | FLC Series
... Comes complete with operator's manual. For BSPP connections, add suffix "-BSPP" to model number, no additional cost. Ordering Example: (1) FLC-W13 3.4 NPT water flow meter for 3 to ... - 130K - 6/26/2016

In-line Flow meters for Use With Water and Air | FL-500
Settings are easily adjustable with a screwdriver. SPECIFICATIONS Accuracy: ±5% FS Construction: Flow tube and float: PVC Internal Wetted Parts: 316 SS end fittings Brass, Female ... - 163K - 6/26/2016

Enhanced Modular Controller Series Master | CSMSTRLE
Modular Controller Series slave modules. The CSMSTR uses a proprietary high speed serial protocol to communicate, via backplane connection, with up to 16 slave modules. Through the ... - 240K - 6/26/2016

Enhanced Modular Controller Series Master | CSMSTRSX, CSMSTRGT
Description Web-enable your PLC! The CSMSTR is a communications and control platform which can turn your PLC or controller into a SCADA system. With its extensive list of built-in ... - 241K - 6/26/2016

Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter | FMG900 Series
Reverse flow output and immersibility are optional. A rapidly reversing magnetic field is produced in the lower housing. As the fluid moves through this field, a voltage is ... - 135K - 6/26/2016

Touch Screen System | EZP-PLC Series
Each and every EZI/O module can be utilized with EZPLC, EZ Series TouchPLC and EZ Series TextPLC for a truly modular I/O. I/O Status LED Indicators LED indicator lights on every ... - 298K - 6/26/2016

Master Controller for CS Series Control Modules | CSMSTRV2 Modular Controller Master
Graphical Interface, Crimson 3.0 Software Included DIN Rail Mounting, Space Saver Package Automation Controllers and HMI - View related products Order Table Description Specs ... - 236K - 6/26/2016

Text Panels with Integrated PLC | EZ220-PLC and EZ420-PLC Series
Interface in a very compact package. It utilizes EZPLC's base and thus capable of all the features present in our EZPLC and uses our 'mix-match' modular EZ I/O to deliver a truly ... - 330K - 6/26/2016

Cables for use with the G3 HMIs, DSP series, and CSMSTR series | G3 CBL Series
Red Lion Modular Controller Master to the listed device. Place Order(Specify Model Number) ADD TO CART + Part Number/Desc. Availability Price Description Qty RoHS RoHS Search the ... - 270K - 6/26/2016

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