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motion control solutions


HUB 444: SiNET™ Multi-Axis Motion Control
SiNET™ Multi-Axis Motion Control HUB 444 SiNET™ Multi-Axis Motion Control $326.00 HUB ... application, SiNet™ can provide a cost effective single or multi-axis motion solution. ... - 105K - 11/29/2015

Si3540: Programmable Stepper Drive with Integrated Power Supply
switch covers and connectors are included with each Si3540. The Si3540 comes with all operating software necessary to create a complete step motor-based motion control solution. ... - 176K - 11/29/2015

AU-PTV Series Web Enabled Controllers: ProducTVity Station ™ - Web Enabled Controller for Displaying...
Communications Drivers for Communicating Directly with PLCs, Drives, Motion Controllers, etc. ... The ProducTVity Station is a ready to deploy solution for displaying productivity ... - 193K - 11/29/2015

LVU-301, LVU-303: Three-Wire Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
... $960.00 + 350.00 = $1,310.00 Keywords: Three-Wire Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, motion control solutions outdoor cord outdoor electronic enclosure outdoor electronic enclosures - 111K - 11/29/2015

STM Series: Integrated Stepper Drives/Motors with Advanced Features and Control Options
conventional motor and drive solutions. The "S" models offer control options such as step and ... the user to perform a variety of motion, I/O, and system status tasks in ... - 315K - 11/29/2015

FP7001A: Insertion Paddlewheel Flow Sensors
aqueous solutions, and high purity fluids . The FP7001A utilizes a paddlewheel-like rotor whose motion is converted ... or totalization and batch control (when ordered with the ... - 174K - 11/29/2015

LV-60,LV-61,LV-70,LV-71,LV-80: Single Station Liquid Level Switches Broad Chemical Compatibility
liquids and minimizes the effects of turbulence and motion. ... acids, bases and aqueous solutions, making these switches ... switch, single loop controller thermocouple signal ... - 114K - 11/29/2015

OS523E and OS524E Series: High-Temperature Handheld Infrared Thermometer with Optional Sighting Scope...
thermometers offer solutions for many non-contact temperature measurement applications. ... 3 phase solid state relays orp test portable pressure calibrator servo motion control - 194K - 11/29/2015

ORE-5432, DOE-5431, PHE-5432: Steam Sterilizable 12 mm Electrodes
with steam lines and motion generated noise are common ... $26.00 pH 10 buffer solutions 4L (1 gal) Qty 0 PHA-4 ... servo amplifier servo control valve strain gauge ... - 165K - 11/29/2015

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