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positive temperature coefficient thermistor


CL3001: Lab Calibrator
... temp sensor calibrator, temperture sensor calibrator, rtd calibrator, bonded strain gage immersion heater coil positive temperature coefficient thermistor thermocouple wire type - 111K - 11/23/2015

640 Series: Compact MultiChannel Vertical & Flatbed Recorders for Temperature, Voltage, and CurrentDISCONTINUE...
... Temperature, Voltage, and Current, Models 640-1-(*), 640-2-(*), 640-3-(*), 2 wire proximity sensor inductive sensor positive temperature coefficient thermistor reflective sensor - 120K - 11/23/2015

ELCSOFT and ELCSOFTGP: ELC Programming Software
data storage Stepper motor positioning control PID functions with ... fluid flow control rugged touch screen temperature coefficient thermistor ultrasonic level switch - 92K - 11/23/2015

Linear Thermistors: Linear Thermistor Components, Probes, and Applications
44018 thermistor composite. Any 0.1% resistors of the proper values and with a temperature coefficient of 30 PPM or less may ... -22 to 212°F E0 Positive Slope Eout= (+0.0053483 ... - 157K - 11/23/2015

CL20 Series: Temperature Calibrator
... Thermocouples, RTD's and Thermistors, Models CL23A, CL23EC, CL24, ... calibrators, simulator, positive temperature coefficient semiconductor strain gage strain ... - 140K - 11/23/2015

ELC-PLC Series: ELC Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
data storage --- Stepper motor positioning control --- PID functions with ... pushbuttons level pressure sensor thermistor temperature coefficient three way solenoid valve - 332K - 11/23/2015

PXM409: High (0.08%) Accuracy Metric Pressure Transducers
... ranges calibrated only in positive direction) Operating Temperature: ... meters limit switch circuit negative temperature coefficient thermistor pressure level measurement - 235K - 11/23/2015

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