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pot calibration Selection

PCI Bus 14-Bit 16/8/4 Channel Analog Output Boards
For example: 1. No jumper or trim-pots on the board. 2. The calibration is performed under software control eliminating manual trim-pot adjustments. The calibration data is stored ... - 156K - 7/28/2015

8 Channel Voltage Data Logger
... Logger and Software User Guide Download OM-CP Series - Data Logger Quickstart Guide Keywords: , automation machinery pot calibration terminal block covers terminal block jumper - 137K - 7/28/2015

Single Channel Voltage Dataloggers, Part of the NOMAD® Family
... of the NOMAD® Family Keywords: Single Channel Voltage Data Logger, Part of the NOMAD® Family, barrier terminal block dissolved oxygen meter pot calibration terminal block jumper - 184K - 7/28/2015

5-Digit Precision Strain Gage Indicators with Excitation Supply
digital scaling, eliminating any dip switches, pot adjustments or reference standards. ... System calibration can be accomplished using 3-point live load (actual weight on scale) or ... - 131K - 7/27/2015

Temperature Transmitter
Temperature Transmitter $375.00 TX86 PLACE ORDER Universal Input RTD, T/C, Ω, POT and mV ... prompting and programming instructions during the setup and calibration mode routines. ... - 137K - 7/27/2015

range with a turndown ratio of 6:1; it comes factory calibrated at the highest span. ... Adjust: 16 to 100% URL (dip switches and pot) Zero Adjust: -600 to 600% LRL (Low Range ... - 115K - 7/28/2015

Heavy Duty Electropneumatic Converters
SCFM Easy Access to Zero and Span Damping Pot Prevents Overshoot and Hunting Low Air ... Effect Span: Typical: 0.013% of calibrated span/°F Max: 0.022% of calibrated ... - 183K - 7/28/2015

Laboratory Grade Benchtop Wind-Tunnel with Instrumentation
... 12 amps Speed: 10,000 RPM Motor Control Box Power: 120 Vac Speed Adj.: 10 turn pot. ... Note: The wind tunnel comes complete with everything you need to calibrate probes quickly. ... - 115K - 7/27/2015

Voltage Signal Isolator
The addition of a scaling pot will provide for proportional follower operation. ... timers hot wire anemometer calibration motor control ic photo reflective ... - 118K - 7/28/2015

Thermally Conductive Epoxies
"Working Times" (also referred to as "Pot Life"): OB-100: Less Than 8 Minutes at Room ... OMEGA BOND, thermal epoxy, thermal paste, absolute pressure gauge calibration tools - 156K - 7/28/2015

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