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precision potentiometers Selection

Displacement and Proximity Transducers
Temperature Measurement Instruments Precision Calibration Equipment and Ice Point ... conditioners. View Products » Linear Potentiometers Measure linear position or ... - 87K - 5/28/2015

Process Meter, Low Cost - Omega
... signal ranges can be selected via push-on jumpers, and precision potentiometers are readily accessible behind the lens to provide zero and span adjustments of 2000 counts each. ... - 122K - 5/28/2015

4-1/2 Digit DC-Powered Srain/Microvoltmeter
... Jumper-selectable gain ranges Fine-Span Adjustment: Front-panel accessible precision potentiometer Zero Adjustment (RTI or Deadload): ±0.6 mV Zero Adjustment (RTO or Tare): ... - 111K - 5/28/2015

DIN Rail Mount Signal Conditioners
... Each module can be set to a number of ranges by dip switch selection. Wide ranging precision zero and span potentiometers provide even further adjustment. The signal conditioners ... - 147K - 5/28/2015

Isolated 4 to 20 mA Transmitters
... and Volts, clamp on flow meters digital temperature sensors precision potentiometers precision potentiometers Anemometer | Automation | Accelerometers | ... - 173K - 5/28/2015

Two-wire, Current Loop Process Indicator
... Easy to Configure and Calibrate Both span and zero are fine-tuned with precision 15-turn potentiometers accessible behind the lens. Coarse zero and span steps as well as the dummy ... - 122K - 5/28/2015

Current Loop Indicator
... Easy to Configure and Calibrate Both span and zero are fine-tuned with precision multi-turn potentiometers. These are accessible through holes in the die-cast cover, which are ... - 134K - 5/28/2015

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Test & Measurement Products
... externally by connecting a potentiometer. From USD$3495 Details >> Calibration Equipment Benchtop Furnaces for Test Applications Benchtop Precision Meters (Voltage, Current, ... - 95K - 5/28/2015

Precision Temperature Data Loggers Part of the NOMAD® Family
... Logger Quickstart Guide Keywords:Precision Temperature Data Loggers Part of the NOMAD®Family, automatic telephone dialer knob potentiometer mushroom push button push button ... - 124K - 5/28/2015

Precision RTD Recorder and Wireless Transmitter
... Software User Guide Keywords:Precision Temperature Recorder & Wireless Transmitter Part of the NOMAD Family, illuminated push button slide potentiometers temp transmitter wireless ... - 121K - 5/28/2015

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