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pressure actuator

Wide selection of pressure actuator

Pneumatic and Electric Actuated Ball Valves | BVP80 Series
Series with compression fittings. The BVP80 and BVP70 Series are a combination of the three key elements for long, reliable, trouble free life-a premium quality ball valve, a ... - 441K - 7/29/2016

Current to Pressure (I/P) Converter | IP210
... All other models are 2 wire loop powered models. Ordering Example: (1) IP210-X15 is a current to pressure converter with 2 wire 4-20 mA input and 3-15 psig output , $640.00 ... - 106K - 7/30/2016

Miniature I/P Electronic Air Pressure Control | IP610 Series
... All IP610's come with mounting bracket and complete operators manual. Ordering Example: (1) IP610-X15-D is a 3 to 15 psi I/P converter with DIN connector, $367.00 Rated 5 out of 5 ... - 163K - 7/30/2016

3-Way and 4-Way Solenoid Valves Direct-Acting or Pilot-Operated, Normally Open or Closed, Brass Valve...
The SV251 can be used for liquids or gases. The SV271 is a 4-way, 5-ported solenoid valve, rated for air applications only. It is a 2- position, pilot-operated valve typically used ... - 127K - 7/30/2016

Encapsulated RTD Sensors | RTD-809
Encapsulated sensor in a stainless steel housing. PFA insulated lead wire, 1m (40"). Most Popular Options OB-200-2 $21.50 More Than 25 In Stock Qty 0 Omegabond 200 Epoxy, 2oz Twin ... - 126K - 7/30/2016

Miniature High Accuracy I/P Transducer Electronic Air Pressure Control | IP710 Series
... All IP710s come with mounting bracket and operator's manual. Ordering Example: (1) IP710-X15-D Loop Powered I/P converter with 3 to 15 psi range and DIN 43560 electrical ... - 145K - 7/30/2016

AC and DC Input/Output Relay Modules | Solid State Switches
Same as above except that all channels are isolated from each other. Without the common signal ground, only output modules may be used. SSS-PC24-B $203.00 2 In Stock Qty 0 24 ... - 130K - 7/30/2016

Portable Pressure Calibrators with Built in Pressure Pump | DPI603
Description The DPI series has been discontinued. Please see the PCL-2B as possible alternatives or contact our {your dept.} Engineering department. The DPI603 enables pressure ... - 89K - 7/29/2016

Industrial RTD Probes with Sub-Miniature Aluminum Protection Head | PR-19
Terminal Board for Wiring The Probe to Your Instrumentation. Due to Its Small Size, Please Note That It Cannot Accommodate a Transmitter. Three Lead Configuration Standard COMMON ... - 125K - 7/30/2016

Pressure Volume Controllers, AVC-1000 and AVC-3000, Vacuum to 1000 or Vacuum to 3000 | AVC-1000 and AVC...
Volume Controllers, AVC-1000 and AVC-3000, Vacuum to 1000 or Vacuum to 3000 | AVC-1000 and AVC-3000 Pressure Volume Controllers, AVC-1000 and AVC-3000, Vacuum to 1000 or Vacuum to ... - 93K - 7/29/2016

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