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pressure actuator


BVP80 Series : Ball Valves, Pneumatic and Electric Actuated Models
... Interface: NAMUR Duty Cycle: 100% Cycle Time: (To open or close) approx 1/2 to 1 second (dependent upon actuator model, air pressure and delivery) Most Popular Models! Place ... - 356K - 9/27/2015

IP610 Series : I/P Electronic Air Pressure Control
This economical instrument provides precision air pressure regulation to actuators, valves, positioners and other final control elements. An integral volume booster provides high ... - 141K - 10/4/2015

SV240, SV250, SV260 and SV270 Series : 3-Way Solenoid Valve and...
The most common application for these 3-way valves is the control of single-acting cylinders or spring-return actuators. The pressure inlet port is blocked in the de-energized ... - 115K - 10/4/2015

IP210 : Current to Pressure (I/P) Converter
Its purpose is to translate the analog output from a control system into a precise, repeatable pressure value to control pneumatic actuators/operators, pneumatic valves, dampers, ... - 97K - 10/4/2015

IP710 Series : High Accuracy I/P Transducer Electronic Air Pressure...
Typically these units are used for pneumatic applications that require electronic pressure control of valve actuators, pneumatic valve positioners, air cylinders, clutches, brakes, ... - 126K - 10/4/2015

RTD-809 : Encapsulated RTD Sensors
... Ordering Example: (1) RTD-809 Class A RTD sensor, SS housing, PFA lead wire., $92.00 Keywords: Encapsulated RTD Sensors, k thermocouple ohm meters pressure actuator t thermocouple - 111K - 10/4/2015

AAV-1000 : Air-Actuated Valve, Bronze, Normally Closed
NPT ½, Orifice ½ inch, cV 4.6, Min Pressure PSI 0 Max PSI 290, Pilot Pressure Range PSI 25 to 150, Actuator Dia 64 mm 2.5 inch Qty 0 AAV-1020 Availability: In Stock $260.00 NPT ... - 97K - 9/13/2015

Solid State Switches : AC and DC Input/Output Relay Modules
$2.00 5 amp fuse Qty 0 ADD TO CART + † All amounts shown in USD Keywords: AC and DC Input/Output Relay Modules, actuator control miniature pressure sensor pressure gauge snubber - 114K - 9/13/2015

SV-2000 : OMEGA-FLO® "Black Mushroom" Angle Seat Valves 2-way...
Stainless Steel Model No. Port Size, NPT Cv Max. Operating Pressure/Differential Pressure, PSI Control Function Actuator Size, mm (in) Min. Control Pressure, psi (NC Only) Wt. kg ... - 113K - 9/13/2015

DPI603 : Portable Pressure Calibrators with Built in Pressure...
... batteries, NIST calibration certificate, and complete operator's manual. Keywords: Portable Pressure Calibrators with Built in Pressure Pump, piston actuator sensor conditioner - 82K - 9/13/2015

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