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pressure gauge calibrator


PCL819 Series: Handheld Pressure Calibrator with Integral Electric Pressure Pump
Handheld Pressure Calibrator with Integral Electric Pressure Pump PCL819 Series Handheld ... 0.025% of full scale accuracy and comes in three gauge and two absolute pressure ranges. ... - 107K - 11/23/2015

PCL341 Series: Pressure Calibrators, High accuracy
Pressure Calibrators, High accuracy PCL341 Series High-Accuracy Pressure Calibrators ... dual potentiometers fluid pressure gauge low pressure transducers rtd response time - 166K - 11/23/2015

DWT1327D: Gauge Calibration Kit
Gauge Calibration Kit DWT1327D Gauge Calibrator Deadweight Tester $3,165.00 DWT1327D PLACE ... Instrumentation for Pressure and Strain Measurements - View related products Order ... - 118K - 11/23/2015

DPG5600 Series: Min/Max Digital Pressure Gauges with Display Backlighting
Min/Max Digital Pressure Gauges with Display Backlighting DPG5600 Series Min/Max Digital ... enclosure metal electronics enclosures pressure gage snubber transducer calibrator - 198K - 11/23/2015

WR-80 and WR-90: Wall Mounted Room Thermostats
... not fail safe, they should not be used for temperature limit duty. Keywords: Wall Mounted Room Thermostats, cord plugs drum heater gage block calibration pressure gauge calibrator - 103K - 11/23/2015

RHCL-2: Portable Relative Humidity/Temperature Calibrator
... $12,000.00 Keywords: Portable Relative Humidity/Temperature Calibrator, digital pressure gauge robotic grippers temperature calibration bath temperature sensor software - 104K - 11/23/2015

LVU-201A: Two-Wire Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
... 2-wire transmitter, loop-powered 4 to 20 mA, $965.00 Keywords: Two-Wire Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, air timers bourdon pressure gauge hinged enclosures pneumatic calibrator - 106K - 11/23/2015

CL530: Milliamp Loop Calibrator
... Product Manuals: Download CL532 - ma/v Loop Calibrator Download CL530 - 4-20 Milliamp Loop Calibrator Keywords: Milliamp Loop Calibrator, simulator, high pressure gauge voltmeter ... - 106K - 11/23/2015

CN2110 Series: 1/4 DIN Compact Temperature Controller
... amounts shown in USD Keywords: 1/4 DIN Compact Temperature Controller, CN390, CN3910, absolute pressure gauges pressure gauge calibrator pressure gauge snubber terminals blocks - 157K - 11/23/2015

PX309 mV Output Series: High Performance Pressure Transducer, Stainless Steel Construction, Silicon Technology
... 100 mV Output PX 309, PX 319, PX3 29, PX359, Presure Transducer, gauge pressure transducer, hart calibrator hart calibrators industrial pressure transmitter pressure sensing - 406K - 11/23/2015

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