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rh sensor


HX71 Series: Economical RH Sensor/Transmitter
Economical RH Sensor/Transmitter HX71 Series RH Transmitter $135.00 HX71-MA PLACE ORDER 316 SS Housing Accurate to ±3.5% RH @ 23°C 3 Different Output Models: 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 1 ... - 123K - 11/29/2015

RH-USB: Relative Humidity USB Probe with Temperature Sensor
Relative Humidity USB Probe with Temperature Sensor RH-USB Relative Humidity/ Temperature Sensor with USB Output $159.00 RH-USB PLACE ORDER USB Probe for Humidity and Temperature ... - 104K - 11/29/2015

OMEGAETTE® HH311 Series: Humidity Temperature Meter
Ordering Example: (1) HH311 2 channel RH/type K thermometer, $219.00 Keywords: Humidity Temperature Meter, MOISTURE SENSOR, SLING PSYCHROMETER, HYDROMETER, RH-20, RH-21, RH-21C, ... - 102K - 11/29/2015

RH87: Multifunctional Environmental Meter
Operation Temperature Sensors and Instruments - View related products Order Table Description Specs Manuals Reviews Print Top Description The RH87 is a digital ... - 92K - 11/29/2015

UWRH-2-NEMA: Wireless RH/Temperature Transmitter NEMA-4X Enclosure
Wireless RH/Temperature Transmitter NEMA-4X Enclosure UWRH-2-NEMA Wireless Relative ... Wireless Sensors, Transmitters, Receivers, Meters & Controllers - View related products ... - 102K - 11/29/2015

HHM8229: 5-in-1 Autorange Digital Multimeter
Backlight Display Auto Power Off Audible and Visual Warning for Correct Input Jack Connections Built-In Temperature/RH Sensors Type K Thermocouple Input General Test and ... - 105K - 11/29/2015

UWBT SERIES: Wireless Transmitter for Smart Phones & Tablets Temperature, pH, RTD & Relative Humidity
... Transmitter, android app, iOS app, data logging, monitor, ph, RH, temperature, handheld, probe, industrial, sensor, iphone, ipad, dewpoint, relative humidity, wireless ... - 166K - 11/29/2015

HHAQ-107: Handheld Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Meter
VOC Zero Adjustment and Background Calibration Manually Off-Settable Temperature and RH Sensor Drift Large Backlit Dual-Readout LCD Tripod Mountable What's New in pH, Flow and ... - 96K - 11/29/2015

RH511: Handheld Temperature/Relative Humidity/Infrared/Thermocouple Meter with Wireless Temperature/RH...
General Sensor Probe Relative Humidity Range: 2 to 98% RH Accuracy: 2.5% RH (15 to 85% RH @ room temperature) Sensor Probe Temperature Range: -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F) Accuracy: ... - 158K - 11/29/2015

RH62 Series: Stick Type Rugged Hygrometer & Transducer
& 1%RH Power On/Off LED Indicator Highly Accurate RTD and Humidity Sensors Quick Response 0.0 to 100% RH Range Retractable Cable for RH62*-MV, ordered separately, Expands to 1 m ... - 103K - 11/29/2015

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