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signal conditioning amplifier


Strain Amplifier/Signal Conditioners Modules for Strain Gages, Load Cells and Transducers | DMD-465
Amplifier/Signal Conditioners Modules for Strain Gages, Load Cells and Transducers DMD-465 Bridge Excitation 4 to 15 Vdc up to 120 mA Works with Bridge Circuits of 120 Ohms or ... - 123K - 2/13/2016

Isolated Signal Conditioners with Transducer Power up to 120 mA for Strain Gages, Load Cells and Transducers...
to 120 mA for Strain Gages, Load Cells and Transducers DMD-475 700 V I/O Isolation 1100 V Line Isolation Power for Four 350 Ohm Load Cells, Fixed 10 V or Variable 5 to 10 Vdc ... - 114K - 2/11/2016

DC to DC Isolated Signal Conditioner STRAIN GAGE AMPLIFIER | DMD4380 Series
Vdc loop supply for the output. The power supplies can also be wired to sink or source which allows the DMD4380 to be used with any combination of powered or unpowered mA inputs ... - 97K - 2/9/2016

DC Powered Signal Conditioner, Provides Transducer Excitation and Selectable Analog Outputs; Works with...
Supply Current (voltage output): 140 mA max. with 10 Vdc supply voltage; 60 mA max. with 30 Vdc supply voltage Supply Current (current output): 180 mA max. with 10 Vdc supply ... - 91K - 2/8/2016

In-Line Signal Conditioner for Wheatstone Bridge | Signal Conditioners | IN-UVI
All output options and excitation voltages are field selectable. Specifications Supply Voltage: 22 to 32 Vdc isolated from output Isolation Input to Output: 500 Vdc Capacitance: ... - 95K - 2/10/2016

Signal Conditioners and Transmitters | iDRN/iDRX Series
Vdc 850 mA switching power supply is also available.) The devices feature three-way isolation of up to 1800 V between the signal inputs, outputs, and power supply. The iD series ... - 194K - 2/9/2016

Direct Mounting Signal Conditioners for FTB-930/940 Series Turbine Flowmeters | FLSC-60 Series
Comes complete with operator's manual. Product Manuals: Download FLSC-64 - Pulse Amplifier Download FLSC-62A - Signal Conditioner Download FLSC-61 - 3-Wire Analog Transmitter ... - 104K - 2/8/2016

Bridge/Strain Gage Signal Conditioner | DMD4059 Series
Input Range (unipolar): Minimum: 0 to 5 mV range, 0.5 mV/V sensitivity Maximum: 0 to 400 mV range, 40 mV/V sensitivity Input Impedance: 200 kΩ typical Excitation Voltage: Switch ... - 93K - 2/6/2016

OM2 Series Modular Signal Conditioning System for Strain Gage Bridges, mV and other Sensor Signals |...
All connections are easily made with a screwdriver. The backplane is available with a 115 Vac, 230 Vac or 10-36 Vdc power supply. The backplane and signal conditioner assembly make ... - 129K - 2/9/2016

General-purpose signal conditioners for Programmable Logic Controllers. | HE-X Series Signal Conditioners
Vac AC inputs to 24 Vdc (8 points). Three signal conditioning devices allow the standard 24 Vdc, 0.5 A outputs of a PLC to drive specialized loads. The solid-state HE-XDQA allows a ... - 157K - 2/8/2016

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