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temperature coefficient thermistor


Thermistor Meters | Series 865 and 866
Meters Series 865 and 866 Thermistor Meters Each Unit Comes with Certificate Stating NIST Traceability Computable with All Series "400" Thermistor Sensors and Probes Rugged 0.1° ... - 116K - 2/6/2016

Handheld Hygro Thermometer Data Logger | RH318
Probe can extend up to 1.5 m (5') with optional extension cable. SPECIFICATIONS Sensor Type: Electronic capacitance polymer film sensor/NTC Relative Humidity Range: 0 to 100% RH ... - 117K - 1/26/2016

Solid State Temperature Sensors | AD590 Series
Just power up and measure absolute temperature (Kelvin). No linearization, amplification or cold junction compensation is required. SPECIFICATIONS Absolute Maximum Ratings Forward ... - 108K - 1/26/2016

ELC Programming Software | ELCSOFT and ELCSOFTGP
Move programs from 1 panel to another with ease. Place Order(Specify Model Number) What Other People Bought: When you see this icon, click on it to expand a list of products that ... - 94K - 1/26/2016

high precision temperature calibrator | CL20 Series
Programming a CL20 series calibrator is a snap. The keypad allows direct entry of calibrator setpoints. Setpoints can also be entered from an outside source by inputting ... - 139K - 2/5/2016

Sputtered Gauge Pressure Transducers with Amplifier/Regulator | 6SE01079 Series
SE01079 Series High Accuracy Rugged Sputtered Strain Gauge Design All Stainless Steel Construction Isolated 0 to 5 VDC Output Internal Shunt Resistor to Simulate Transducer Output ... - 91K - 1/26/2016

Flatbed Recorders | 640 Series
The CV module allows measurement from 0.1 to 250 V ac/dc, and 0.1 to 1000 mA ac/dc. The 640 recorder offers a wide 250 mm (10") chart in a flatbed style. The 630 is a vertical ... - 120K - 2/6/2016

Lab Calibrator | CL3001
...Amp range 0 to 52 mA, milliAmp range. The isolated measurement includes 24 Vdc power, and accuracy of 0.005% of reading on voltage ranges. Measuring pressure with a PCL-PMA ... - 113K - 1/26/2016

Linear Thermistor Components, Probes, and Applications | Linear Thermistors
The 44018 thermistor composite is used in four of the linear components. The part that changes in each component is the resistor composite, which determines the temperature range. ... - 159K - 1/26/2016

Air Temperature RTD Sensors | RTD-805 and RTD-806
Description Omega's Air Temperature RTD sensors. The platinum thin film RTD sensing element is exposed to air flow while being protected from passing debris by a vented housing ... - 125K - 2/5/2016