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thermocouple data acquisition

Wide selection of thermocouple data acquisition

USB Data Acquisition Modules for Thermocouples Process Signals | OMB-DAQ-54, OMB-DAQ-55 and OMB-DAQ-56
Can be Located Up to 5 Meters (16.4') from the PC High-Resolution, 22-Bit A/D Converter Frequency/Pulse/Duty-Cycle Measurements Up to 1 MHz* Convenient Removable Screw- Terminal ... - 143K - 7/25/2016

USB/Ethernet Thermocouple Data Acquisition System | 32-Channel | OMB-DAQ-TC-RACK
... Input High Voltage: 1.3V min, 2.2V max Input Low Voltage: 1.5V max, 0.6V min Schmitt Trigger Hysteresis: 0.4V min, 1.2V max Digital Output Number of Outputs: 32 channels, shared ... - 130K - 7/26/2016

8-Channel USB Thermocouple Data Acquisition Module | TC-08
... After Delay (where the delay is set by the user). Mathematical operations can also be performed on the thermocouple outputs: for example to output one temperature relative to ... - 92K - 7/25/2016

USB Data Acquisition Modules | D8000_Series
Use a USB cable to connect the D8000 to a host computer. Plugging the cable into the computer will create a virtual serial port in the computer. The virtual serial port will be ... - 131K - 7/26/2016

USB Data Acquisition System | iNET-400
Windows computers via USB 2.0. The advantage of a card cage is that you can select which I/O modules to install as needed to build a customized system. The instruNet card cage ... - 244K - 7/25/2016

High Accuracy PCI Thermocouple/Multifunction Data Acquisition Systems | OMB-DAQTEMP Series
... Supply Voltage Range: 4.75 Vdc to 5.25 Vdc (from PCI Bus) Power Consumption: 5.5 W Operating Temperature: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F) Storage Temperature: 40 to 80°C (-40 to 176°F) ... - 101K - 7/25/2016

multichannel data acquisition | OMB-DAQ-2416
... Input High Voltage: 1.3V min, 2.2V max Input Low Voltage: 1.5V max, 0.6V min Schmitt Trigger Hysteresis: 0.4V min, 1.2V max DIGITAL OUTPUTS (OMB-DAQ-2416, OMB-DAQ-2416-4AO, ... - 160K - 7/25/2016

Eight Channel Thermocouple/Voltage Input USB Data Acquisition Modules | OM-USB-TC, OM-USB-TC-AI and OM...
Description The OM-USB-TC, OM-USB-TC-AI and OM-USB-5201 are USB 2.0 full-speed thermocouple input data acquisition modules (fully compatible with both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 ports). ... - 123K - 7/25/2016

8/16-Channel Thermocouple/Voltage Input USB Data Acquisition Module | OM-DAQ-USB-2401
Windows Software and Also .NET API/Driver for Visual Basic, C#, and Visual C++ for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 Powered Directly by USB Port or External DC Power Supply 500 V ... - 113K - 7/25/2016

Data Acquisition and Control Software for use with instruNet Data Acquisition Systems | iNET-iWPLUS
Define an analog or digital output channel mathematically (e.g. sine wave, square wave, pulse train, etc) that updates in real-time (e.g. every 100 ms). Run Feedback/Control Loops ... - 96K - 7/25/2016

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