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Low Cost Bayonet Style Thermocouples with Stainless Steel Cable | BT Series
Clamp Adapters for pipe mounting. Sample part numbers and pipe clamp adapters shown below, Please use the Part Number Builder to select a Model appropriate for your application ... - 226K - 2/8/2016

Miniature Infrared Thermocouples | OS36SM Series
Dominant Spectral Response: 6.5 to 14 microns Output Sensor: Type K thermocouple Impedance: 20 to 60 kΩ (varies depending on temperature range) Compatibility Note: This unit's ... - 158K - 2/7/2016

Solid Probe Bayonet Style with Stainless Steel Cable | BTH Series
Bayonet type can be used to measure pipewall and bearing temperatures. This style provides a quick means to connect and disconnect te sensor. The maximum length for armored cable ... - 132K - 2/5/2016

Utility Thermocouple Handle Probes Model Numbers JHIN, JHSS, KHIN, KHSS, EHIN, EHSS, THIN, THSS | (*...
Retractable Cable with Superior Memory Expands to 1.5 m (5 Ft.) Subminiature Connector for Use with Handheld Thermometers 300, 450 and 600 mm (12, 18 and 24") Lengths Standard- ... - 134K - 2/9/2016

Digital Handheld Temperature Calibrator | CL3512A
Each signal is adjustable by using the coarse and fine dials. The CL3512A can also be used as a dual type J/K/T/E input thermocouple thermometer. Features include a large 3 1/2 ... - 123K - 2/5/2016

Temperature Transmitters, Ultra-Miniature | TX93A and TX94A
Featuring state-of-the-art integrated circuits and electronic design, these ultra-compact transmitters have a diameter of only 35.6 mm (1.40") and are designed to fit inside many ... - 168K - 2/9/2016

Datalogger Thermometers With Type K Thermocouples | OMEGAETTE® HH306 Series
The HH306 is a small dual input thermometer plus a powerful datalogger. The unit can store up to 16,000 records at programmed intervals as fast as once per second. The unit comes ... - 116K - 2/6/2016

Handheld Low Cost Handheld Thermometer with Magnet Hanger | HH74K
Storage Environment: -20 to 60 Deg.C (-4 to 140 Deg.F), 0 to 80% R.H. with battery removed from meter Accuracy: Stated accuracy at 23 +/- 5Deg.C (73 +/- 9Deg.F), <75% R.H. Battery: ... - 97K - 2/6/2016

Economical Thermocouple Meter | DP24-T
Warranty at No Extra Charge Very Simple to Use Single Button °C/°F Selection Min or Max Recall Display Hold and Blanking UL Listed Controllers, Meters and Switching Devices - ... - 123K - 2/5/2016

Thermocouple Scanners | DP1000 Series
Description 10 Point Temperature Scanners. Models are available with Auto or Manual scan with Channel Selection. Monitor Temperatures of up to Ten Type J or K Thermocouples! DP1000 ... - 93K - 2/9/2016

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