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thermocouple prices

Wide selection of thermocouple prices

Base Metal Thermocouples | Thermocouples | IRCO, CHAL, CHCO, P13R, P10R, P30R BW Series
Faster Response Time Than Standard Beaded Wire Thermocouples. Utilized in Tight Spaces Thermocouples - View related products Order Table Description Specs Related Products Reviews ... - 165K - 7/25/2016

Thermocouple Input DIN Rail Signal Conditioners | DRSL-TC_Series
Slimline Housing-Only 6 mm (0.24") Wide High Accuracy Fast Response Time <30 ms/300 ms (Selectable) Excellent EMC Performance and 50/60 Hz Noise Suppression Process Measurement and ... - 110K - 7/24/2016

Fine Diameter Thermocouple Wire | SPIR, SPCH,SPCI,SPAL,SPCP,SPOP,SPCC and SPON
Other wire sizes and quantities are available on special request. Examples of pricing for just a few models is referenced in the "To Order" box. Use the "Part Number Builder" below ... - 187K - 7/24/2016

Jack Panels with Color Coded 3 Prong Connectors | TJP
Use connector quantity discount schedule. Blank panel prices are not discounted. Note: All OMEGA®TJP jack panels are assembled at no extra cost! Discount Schedule for TPJ ... - 127K - 7/25/2016

Thin Film Detector - Flat RTD PT100 Element | TFD
Used in Wind Tunnels and Air Conditioners. Rapid Response Time Temperature Range: -50 to 550°C (-60 to 1020°F) RTD (PT100) Probes, Elements and Assemblies - View related products ... - 104K - 7/25/2016

Isolated DIN Rail loop-powered Signal Conditioner | DRSL-TEMP
... Range Limits (NAMUR NE43 Out of Range): Below 3.8 mA or above 20.5 mA Sensor Error Detection (Dip Switch Selectable for Enable or None): Below 3.5 mA or above 23 mA Incorrect ... - 100K - 7/24/2016

Handheld Rotating Vane Anemometer | HHF143 Series
Handheld anemometer 70 mm (2.75") dia probe Accessories HHF140B-RP-T $510.00 Available In 6 Weeks Qty 0 Replacement 70 mm (2.75") vane probe with temp sensor HHF140A-RP-T $740.00 ... - 104K - 7/25/2016

Thermocouples, J, K, T, E, N, R & S | IRCO, CHAL, P13R AND P10R
... Prices given for 12 inch lengths (package of 5). Other sizes and lengths are available on special order. A 12 inch length corresponds to a 24 inch loop. To order longer lead ... - 197K - 7/24/2016

Digital Handheld Temperature Calibrator | CL3512A
Each signal is adjustable by using the coarse and fine dials. The CL3512A can also be used as a dual type J/K/T/E input thermocouple thermometer. Features include a large 3 1/2 ... - 128K - 7/24/2016

Precision RTD Probes Specialized for Laboratory Applications | RTD-800 Series
Encapsulated sensor in stainless steel housing with PFA-insulated leads. Surface temperature measurement design, ideal for heat loss or compressor efficiency measurement. 3' lead ... - 125K - 7/24/2016

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