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thermocouple prices


IRCO, CHAL, CHCO, P13R, P10R, P30R BW Series: Butt-Welded Unsheathed Fine Gage Microtemp Thermocouples
Order Table Description Specs Related Products Reviews Print Top Description Base Metal Thermocouples Prices given for twelve (12) inch lengths. Other sizes and lengths are ... - 159K - 11/30/2015

SPIR, SPCH,SPCI,SPAL,SPCP,SPOP,SPCC and SPON: Fine Diameter Thermocouple Wire
of science and industry for highest quality thermocouple wire in practical quantities at reasonable prices, OMEGA makes available thermocouple materials in a variety of wire sizes. ... - 182K - 11/30/2015

DRSL-TC_Series: Thermocouple Input DIN Rail Signal Conditioners
Description The DRSL-TC Series thermocouple input DIN rail signal conditioners provide a competitive choice in terms of both price and technology for interfacing thermocouple ... - 111K - 11/30/2015

SPHT: Surface Probe, Economical High-Temperature
ADD TO CART + Part Number/Desc. Availability Price Description Qty J Thermocouple Type SPHT-J-6 Availability: In Stock $50.00 Sheath Diameter: 3 mm (1/8") Probe Length: 150mm (6") ... - 124K - 11/30/2015

DRSL-TEMP: Isolated DIN Rail Loop-Powered Temperature Signal Conditioner
The DRSL-TEMP provides a competitive choice in terms of both price and technology for interfacing thermocouple or RTD signals to SCADA systems or PLC equipment. This unit is ... - 102K - 11/30/2015

TFD: Thin Film Detector - Flat RTD Element
(0.008") D, about 10 mm (0.39") .L Keywords: Thin Film Detector - Flat RTD Element, barrier terminal blocks immersion heating elements thermistor price thermocouples manufacturers - 104K - 11/30/2015

TJP: Jack Panels with Color Coded 3 Prong Connectors
TJP1-12-[*] TJP2-24-[*] TJP3-36-[*] TJP4-48-[*] 18 (14 3/4" L) Model No. TJP1-18-[*] TJP2-36-[*] TJP3-54-[*] TJP4-72-[*] *Insert thermocouple calibration PRICE AND QUANTITY ... - 131K - 11/30/2015

HHF143 Series: Handheld Rotating Vane Anemometer
... For units with a 0 to 5 Vdc voltage output add "-V" to the model number and $225 to the price. Keywords: Handheld Rotating Vane Anemometer, instrument enclosure thermocouple prices ... - 106K - 11/30/2015

CL3512A: Temperature Calibrator and Thermometer
Description The OMEGA® CL3512A handheld calibrator is two meters in one at an attractive low price. The CL3512A is a temperature calibrator, or thermocouple calibrator, that ... - 124K - 11/30/2015

BLMI Series: Mineral Insulated Metal Sheath Thermocouple Probes with Bare Leads
Add "-DUAL" to the end of the part number and $10 to the list price. View the Thermocouple Accuracy and Color Code charts Place Order(Specify Model Number) What Other People ... - 142K - 11/30/2015

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