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volume potentiometer


148000 Series : Handheld and Benchtop Heat Guns
... Part Number Qty Part Number Qty ADD TO CART + RESET † All amounts shown in USD Keywords: , cartridge heater motion control devices solid state relay triac volume potentiometer - 111K - 9/13/2015

PHTX-21/22/23 : pH/ORP Preamplifiers
... + 10.00 = $161.00 Keywords: pH/ORP Preamplifiers, preamps, phamp, phtx-21, phtx-22, phtx-23, 3 wire rtd measurement potentiometer volume control ring heater strain transducers - 113K - 10/4/2015

: Process Water Immersion Heater, 3 Element Design–2" NPT Fitting
.../480V/3P Keywords: Process Water Immersion Heater, 3 Element Design#150;2" NPT Fitting, bearing slides pc based data acquisition signal conditioning system volume potentiometer - 104K - 9/13/2015

IP210 : Current to Pressure (I/P) Converter
Span adjustment is made by varying a potentiometer, which shunts input current past the coil. An integral volume flow booster provides adequate flow capacity, resulting in fast ... - 97K - 10/4/2015

TX82B : 1/8 DIN Two-Wire, Current Loop Process Indicator with...
pounds or the volume of large tanks in gallons. Easy to Configure and Calibrate Both span and zero are fine-tuned with precision 15-turn potentiometers accessible behind the lens. ... - 103K - 9/20/2015

PSW-141 : Low Differential Pressure Switches, SPDT Relay Output
Virtually Impervious to changes in Position Fast Response Time Due to Low Internal Volume ... SPECIFICATIONS Set point is adjusted by a 20-turn potentiometer for fine resolution ... - 121K - 9/13/2015

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