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Omega's Product Handbooks and Encyclopedias
Omega's world-famous product handbooks and encyclopedias feature hundreds of thousands of products, technical tips, topical articles, reference charts and graphs, and some of the largest, most detailed product images in the industry. Choose between our Temperature, Pressure and Strain, Electric Heaters, or Flow and Environmental handbooks. Or, just order one of each. They're absolutely free*, so why not?
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Omega's Product Manuals
As part of Omega's continuing support for it's product lines, many product mauals are available for download from this site. Manuals are arranged alphabetically by part number. If you don't find the manual online, give us a call -- we can probably find an extra one for you.
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New Horizons
New Horizon titles are introduced as preview editions or supplements to our famous Product Handbooks. Each New Horizon features hundreds of products, books, specifications, large product photos and dozens of hilarious Dilbert cartoons. As with all of our literature, the New Horizon series is absolutely free*.
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Conceived as a practical thesis and as a technical reference series for everyday users of instrumentation and controls, rather than as a series of erudite essays, each issue of Transactions is jam-packed with information on a different measurement and control technology topic. Order the complete transaction series, or download them for online viewing. As with all of our literature, the Transaction series is absolutely free*.
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