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1/4 DIN Autotune PID Controller with Single Loop Heat/Cool and 4 Ramp/Soak Segments Standard
Discontinued Product - Limited Units Available

CN3420 Series - DISCONTINUED   
CN3420 Series - DISCONTINUED:1/4 DIN Autotune PID Controller with Single Loop Heat/Cool and 4 Ramp/Soak Segments StandardDiscontinued Product - Limited Units Available
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3 year warranty NEW! CE OmegaCare
PID Controller with Autotune–Single Loop, Heat/Cool
4-Segment Ramp and Soak
Quick Code for Front Face Keys or PC Configuration
Optional Windows-Based Software for Easy Commissioning and Operation
Selectable Control Outputs: 4-20 mA, 15 V Analog Signals, 5 A Relay or 15 Vdc Logic Control are Standard
Case Depth Behind Panel Less Than 125 mm (5") for Reduced Installation and Panel Costs
Thermocouple, RTD and Universal Process Input with Integral Transmitter Power Supply
Power: 85-265 Vdc, 50/60 Hz, Std and 24 Vdc Optional
NEMA-4X/IP66 Protection and Full Noise + EMC Immunity
RS-485/MODBUS Serial Communications – SCADA, PLC and Open Systems Integration
UL Listed (US), (C)
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This Series is no longer available! Please see the CNi Series as a potential substitute, or contact our sales/engineering department.

The CN3420 Series Process Controller is a highly versatile, single loop controller in 1/4 DIN format that has been designed to be exceptionally easy to set up and operate.

Universal input and an integral transmitter power supply ensure that the CN3420 has the capability to measure a wide range of process signals such as temperature, pressure, flow and level.

The unit features enhanced performance with analog, logic and relay control outputs, all fitted as standard, and an option to add further I/O capabilities such as additional relays, remote setpoint, analog retransmission and digital input, as needed to suit your application.

The configuration of the CN3420 is achieved by moving the security switch and entering a simple code from the front panel keys or via our CN34-SW PC configuration package. There are no passwords, no input links, no complications.

With NEMA-4X/IP66 front panel and superior RF immunity standard, the CN3420 has been designed to control reliably in the harshest of today’s industrial environments.

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Option Descriptions
(1) 1/4 DIN Process Temperature
CN3420 for 1/4 DIN process controller
CN3421 for 1/4 DIN Process controller with one digital input remote setpoint and retransmission
CN3422 for 1/4 DIN process controller with one alarm
CN3423 for 1/4 DIN process controller with one alarm plus one digital input and a remote setpoint and including RS-485 digtal communications
CN3424 for 1/4 DIN process controller with two alarms plus a digital input and remote Setpoint
CN34-SW for Windows-based Software
(2) Power Option
Nothing(leave field blank) for Vac Powered Controller or Software
-24VDC for 24 Vdc Powered Controller
 NOTE: All combinations may not be valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.

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