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1/16 DIN Limit Controller

CN6221 Series   
1/16 DIN Limit Controller
CN6221 Series:1/16 DIN Limit Controller
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3 year warranty NEW! CE
Dual Display
Universal Input
High or Low Limit
Digital Input for Remote Reset
RS485 Communications (Optional)
Alarms (Optional)
Retransmission Output (Optional)

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The CN6221 Series is an FM approved limit controller that can be configured either as a high limit or as a low limit controller. The CN6221 features universal input, Optional 2 alarm outputs, Optional retransmission output, a timer to count the total time the setpoint is exceeded, and a register to retain the maximum. The RS485 communication interface is available as an option.

Input Type Range (°C) Range (°F)
Thermocouple K -270 to 1370 -300 to 2500
0 to 600 32 to 999.9
0 to 400 32 to 750
-199.9 to 200 -300 to 400
J -199.9 to 999.9 -300 to 2100
T -199.9 to 400 -300 to 750
E -199.9 to 999.9 -300 to 1800
R 0 to 1700 32 to 3100
S 0 to 1700 32 to 3100
B 0 to 1800 32 to 3200
N -200 to 1300 -300 to 2400
L -199.9 to 900 -300 to 1600
U -199.9 to 400 -300 to 750
Platinel 2 0 to 1390 32 to 2500
RTD Pt100 -199.9 to 850 -199.9 to 999.9
0 to 400 32 to 750
-199.9 to 200 -300 to 400
-19.9 to 99.9 -199.9 to 999.9
JPt100 -199.9 to 500
DC Voltage 0 to 100 mV 0 to 100
0 to 5 V 0 to 5
1 to 5 V 1 to 5
0 to 10 V 0 to 10
Power Supply
Voltage: 100 to 240 Vac (±10%),
Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
Maximum Power Consumption: 8 Va max (4 W max)
Memory: Non-volatile memory
Withstanding Voltage (Between Primary and Secondary Terminals): 1500 Vac for 1 min (see Note1)
Insulation Resistance (Between Primary and Secondary Terminals): 20 MΩ or more at 500 Vdc (see Note 1)
Note 1: The primary terminals are the power supply terminals and relay output terminals. The secondary terminals are the analog input and output terminals, the voltage pulse output terminals, and the contact input terminals.

Contact Input
Function: Resetting "exceeded status"
Input: 1 point
Type: Non-voltage contact or transistor contact
Contact Capacity: At least 12 V/10 mA
On/Off Judgment: On state for 1 kΩ or less; off state for 20 kΩ or greater

Measured Value (PV)
Input: 1 point
    Type: Universal
    Accuracy (At 23 ±2°C Ambient Temperature):
    Thermocouple: ±2°C ±1digit
       At -200 to -100°C: ±4°C
       At -100 to 0°C: ±3°C
       Types R and S: ±5°C [±9°C for 0 to 500°C (X to X°F)]
       Type B: ±9°C (accuracy is not guaranteed for 0 to 400°C)
    RTD: ±1°C ±1digit
    Voltage (mV, V): ±0.3% ±1digit
Sampling Period for Measured Value Input: 500 ms
Burn-Out Detection: Functions for thermocouple or RTD input (burn-out upscale only; cannot be switched off)
Input Resistance: 1 MΩ or greater for thermocouple or DC mV inputs; approx 1 MΩ for DC V input
Maximum Allowable Signal Source Resistance: 250 Ω for thermocouple or DC mV input; 2 kΩ for DC V input
Maximum Allowable Wiring Resistance for RTD Input: 10 Ω/wire (resistance values of 3 wires must be the same)
Allowable Input Voltage: ±10 Vdc for thermocouple or DC mV input; ±20 Vdc for DC V input
Noise Rejection Ratio:
    Normal Mode Noise: Minimum 40 dB (50/60 Hz)
    Common Mode Noise: Minimum 120 dB (90 dB for DC V input)
Reference Juction Error Compensation: ±1.5°C (at 15 to 35°C), ±2.0°C (at 0 to 50°C)
The reference junction compensation cannot be switched off
Applicable Standards: RTD, Thermocouple, JIS/IEC/DIN (ITS90)

To Order (Specify Model Number)
 Part Number   Availability   Price   Description    Qty.
 CN6221-R 1 Week   $245.00    Limit controller, single relay output  
 Accessories (Field installable)
 CNQUENCHARC In Stock   $10.00    Noise Suppression RC snubber (2 leads), 110 to 230 Vac  
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 Note: Comes with complete operator’s manual.
 Ordering Example: (1) CN6221-R-C4 Single output limit controller, mechanical relay, RS485 communications, $360.00
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Option Descriptions
(1) Option1
Nothing(leave field blank) for none
-AL for Dual alarms
-PV for 4 to 20 mA retransmission output
-C4 for RS485 communications (Only one option can be ordered)
-DI for Digital input switching(Only one option can be ordered)
 NOTE: All combinations may not be valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.

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