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Low-Cost PLCs

CP1L Series   
Low-Cost PLCs
CP1L Series:Low-Cost PLCs
$529.00  CP1L-L14DR-A
1 year warranty NEW! CE
Up to 18 Digital Inputs, 12 Relay Outputs
Expandable to 150 I/O with Expansion Modules
Powerful Instruction Set
10K Program Steps (32K Words Data Memory)
Remote I/O Modules for Analog I/O, Digital I/O, Thermocouples and RTDs

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The CP1L Series is an economical all-in-one package-type PLC. A wide variety of built-in functions expand application capabilities and shorten the design time required for the growing number and increasing complexity of ladder programs.
With high-speed instruction processing (550 nS for basic instructions), up to 150 I/O points including advanced temperature and analog expansion modules, and PID instructions with on-demand auto-tuning, the CP1L Series is ideal for continuous process control applications at an affordable cost.
Equipped with a USB interface as standard for programming and monitoring, the new CPUs allow up to two serial ports to be plugged in for communication with HMI or field devices. And, of course, they provide "Smart Platform" communication routing over multiple network layers. Using CX-One, programs can be created that enable the user to build, configure and program networks, PLCs, HMIs, motion-control systems, drives, temperature controllers and sensors.
The CP1L CPU Series has the same architecture as the CS/CJ PLC Series, which means programs are compatible for memory allocations and instructions and support Function Blocks and Structured Text in addition to Ladder Logic.

To Order (Specify Model Number)
 Part Number   Availability   Price   Description    Qty.
 CP1L-L14DR-A In Stock   $529.00    AC power, 8 DC in/6 relay out  
 CP1L-L20DR-A In Stock   $609.00    AC power, 12 DC in/8 relay out  
 CP1L-M30DR-A In Stock   $943.00    AC power, 18 DC in/12 relay out  
  Digital I/O Expansion Modules
 CP1W-8ER In Stock   $327.00    8 relay outputs  
 CP1W-20EDR1 In Stock   $477.00    12 DC inputs, 8 relay outputs  
  Analog I/O Expansion Modules
 CP1W-AD041 In Stock   $653.00    4 analog inputs  
 CP1W-DA041 In Stock   $653.00    4 analog outputs  
 CP1W-TS001 In Stock   $458.00    2 thermocouple inputs  
 CP1W-TS002 In Stock   $599.00    4 thermocouple inputs  
 CP1W-TS101 In Stock   $458.00    2 RTD inputs  
 CP1W-TS102 In Stock   $599.00    4 RTD inputs  
  Specialty Expansion Modules (Limit 2 Per PLC, Adaptor Required)
 CP1W-EXT01 In Stock   $153.00    CJ unit adaptor (required for specialty modules)  
 CJ1W-DRM21 In Stock   $1,294.00    DeviceNet communications module  
 CJ1W-PH41U In Stock   $2,227.00    4-point universal analog input module; 0.001°C temperature resolution  
  Option Boards (Limit 1 Per L-Model PLC, 2 Per M-Model PLC)
 CP1W-CIF01 In Stock   $89.00    RS232C option board  
 CP1W-CIF11 In Stock   $89.00    RS422A/485 option board  
 CP1W-CIF41 In Stock   $441.00    Ethernet adaptor  
 CP1W-EIP01-US In Stock   $340.00    Ethernet/IP slave adaptor  
 CP1W-MODTCP01-US In Stock   $227.00    Ethernet/MODBUS® TCP adaptor  
 CP1W-DAM01 In Stock   $160.00    LCD option board  
 CP1W-ME05M In Stock   $104.00    Memory cassette option board  
  Software And Accessories
 CXONE-LT01C-V4 In Stock   $1,559.00    Programming software  
 CBLUSB00 In Stock   $29.00    USB programming cable, USB A-B  
All dollar amounts on this site are shown in US currency.

 Ordering Example: (1) CP1L-L14DR-A PLC with 14 I/O, $529.00,  plus (1) CXONE-LT01C-V4 programming software,, $1,559.00,  plus (1) CBLUSB00 USB programming cable, $29.00, $529.00 + 1,559.00 + 29.00 = $2,117.00

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