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Vortex Flowmeters For Liquids Only with Flows As Low As 0.6 GPM

FV-600 Series Discontinued   
FV-600 Series Discontinued:Vortex Flowmeters For Liquids Only with Flows As Low As 0.6 GPM
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1 year warranty RoHS
Standard 4 to 20 mA Output for Use with DPF60 Batch and Ratemeters
All-Plastic Wetted Parts – Excellent for Use with Low Viscosity Corrosives and Ultra-Pure Liquids
Modular Components Easily Replaced in the Field
Male NPT Connected –Threads Directly In-Line
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The FV-600 Series has been discontinued. Please see the FV-200 Series as a possible substitute or contact our Flow and Environmental department.

OMEGA’s FV-600 and FV-500 Series vortex flow meters operate on the same field-proven vortex shedding principle. The FV-600 vortex flowmeter can operate on liquids with up to 6 centistoke viscosity; however, the minimum measureable flowrate rises to 50% of max. span. The 4 to 20 mA output is suitable for use with the DPF60 series meter, (see link below), as well as with OMEGA’s chart recorders and computer interfaces.

To Order (Specify Model Number)
 Part Number   Availability   Price   Description RoHS   Qty.
 FV-602 Consult Sales   $1,044.00    1/4 " NPT, 0.6 min gpm, 5gpm max*, 20 psi max pressure drop, 0.68 kg(1.5 lbs) 133mm (5.25") RoHS compliant
 FV-606    Consult sales   1/2 " NPT, 1.3 min gpm, 15 gpm max*, 5 psi max pressure drop, 0.73 kg(1.6 lbs) 181mm (7.13") RoHS compliant
 FV-607    Consult sales   3/4 " NPT, 2.1 min gpm, 25 gpm max*, 5 psi max pressure drop, 0.77 kg (1.7 lbs) 194mm (7.63") RoHS compliant
 FV-610    Consult sales   1" NPT, 4.2 min gpm, 50 gpm max*, 9 psi max pressure drop, 0.82 kg (1.8 lbs) 203mm (8.00") RoHS compliant
 FV-615    Consult sales   1 1/2 " NPT, 8.3 min gpm, 100 gpm max*, 5 psi max pressure drop,1.41kg (3.1lbs) 213 mm(8.38") RoHS compliant
 FV-620 Consult Sales   $1,182.00    2" NPT, 16.7 min gpm, 200 gpm max*, 6 psi max pressure drop1.23 kg (2.7lbs) 213 mm(8.38") RoHS compliant
All dollar amounts on this site are shown in US currency.

 Note: *Max span GPM = 20 mA; this can be adjusted with field calibration, which can be performed with a frequency source.
 Ordering Example: (1) FV-620 2" male NPT vortex meter with 200 GPM capacity, $1,182.00

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