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Precision Micro-Ohmmeter, High Resolution
Discontinued Product!

Precision Micro Ohmmeter
HHM518:Precision Micro-Ohmmeter, High ResolutionDiscontinued Product!
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1 year warranty NEW! CE
Measurement On Site
Easy to Use
High Resolution: 10 µOhm
Resistance and Voltage Measurements
Temperature Compensation and Measurement
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TheHHM518 has limited supply then is no longer available. Please see the CA100 Series as a substitute or contact Sales/Temperature Engineering.

The HHM518 micro-ohmmeter is used for four-wire resistance measurement from low values (resolution 10 µOhm) up to 50 kOhm, with an excellent accuracy. It includes thermal emf compensation and temperature compensation. It can also measure dc and ac voltages and ambient temperature.

The HHM518 has a compact, rugged, heavy duty housing with input protected up to 250 V. It is battery powered for use on site. Fitted with a removable stand and powered by an external ac charger, it can also be used on the bench.

On-site, in workshop or laboratory, the main applications are listed below:
  • Cable Resistance and Resistivity Measurements
  • Inductive Resistance Measurements (Motors, Transformers)
  • Contact Resistance Measurements (Connectors, Switches, Relays, Quality of Joints)
  • Metallization and Earth Bonding Measurements
  • Testing and Measurement of Electrical Components: Resistors, Fuses, Thermistors, Heating Elements, PCB Trade
  • Surface State, Resistance of Mechanical Bonds and Materials Testing

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     HHM518    Consult sales   Micro-Ohmmeter  
     HHM518-TL1    Consult sales   Test leads with gold-plated Kelvin alligator clips, 4' (1.2 m) length  
     HHM518-TL2 In Stock   $485.00    Test leads with dual concentric probe, 10' (3 m) length  
     HHM518-BATT    Consult sales   Replacement battery pack  
     HHM518-SC    Consult sales   Soft case  
    All dollar amounts on this site are shown in US currency.

     Note: Unit supplied with hard carrying case, ac charger, and operator’s manual.

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