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Compact DMM/AC Clamp Meter and Digital Thermometer

Digital Multimeter and Thermometer
HHM61:Compact DMM/AC Clamp Meter and Digital Thermometer
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1 year warranty
Measures: Current to 400 A ac; Voltage to 750 Vac, 400 Vdc; Resistance to 400 Ohms
Reads Type K Thermocouple Directly
Diode Test Function
Peak Hold Feature
Recessed Safety Test Lead Input Jacks

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The HHM61 combination DMM/ac current clamp meter/digital thermometer is a compact, lightweight, multi-function test and measurement instrument at an economical price. The HHM61 is ideal for electrician’s and technicians who need a portable test instrument that is both accurate and reliable. The integral ac clamp meter function makes this meter ideal for troubleshooting the operation of electric resistance heaters and other plant electrical systems.

Display: 33/4 digit LCD, max reading 3999, with automatic sign, AC, BAT, and peak hold indicators
Overrange Indication: "OL" displayed
Low Battery: "BAT" displayed
Measurement Rate: 3 measurements per second, nominal
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122#176;F), 0 to 70% RH
Storage Temperature: -20 to 60#176;C (0 to 140#176;F), 0 to 80% RH with battery removed

Accuracy: Accuracy specifications at 23 ±5°C (73 ±9°F), less than 75% RH
Power: 9 V battery (included)
Battery Life: 100 hours typical (alkaline battery)
Weight: 270 g (9.4 oz) including battery
Dimensions: 33 H x 82 W x 192 mm L (1.3 x 3.2 x 7.5")

AC Current
Ranges: 40 A, 400 A
Resolution: 10 mA (40 A range), 100 mA (400 A range)
Accuracy: ±2.0% rdg + 4 digits at 50 to 60 Hz
Jaw Opening: 3.18 cm (1.25")

AC Voltage
Ranges: 400 V, 750 V
Resolution: 100 mV (400 V range), 1 V (750 V range)
Accuracy: ±1.2% rdg + 4 digits at 50 to 500 Hz (400 V range) and ±1.5% rdg + 4 digits at 50 to 500 Hz (750 V range)
Input Impedance: 10 MO
Overload Protection: 1200 Vdc/800 Vac on both ranges

DC Voltage
Ranges: 4 V, 40 V, 400 V
Resolution: 1 mV (4 V range), 10 mV (40 V range), 100 mV (400 V range)

Accuracy: ±0.5% rdg +1 digit
Input Impedance: 10 MO
Overload Protection: 1200 Vdc/800 Vac on all ranges
Range: 400 O
Resolution: 0.1 O
Accuracy:±1% rdg + 1 digit
Overload Protection: 500 Vdc/350 Vac

Ranges: -50 to 750°C (-58 to 1400°F)
Resolution: 1°F/C
Accuracy: ±3% rdg + 1 digit from -20 to 750°C- (4 to 1400°F) and ±5% rdg + 2 digits from -50 to -20°C (-58 to -4°F) Diode Test
Test Current: 1 mA
Test Voltage: 3.4 V max
Overload Protection: 500 Vdc/350 Vac

Response Time: 100 msec (instant continuity buzzer)
Overload Protection: 500 Vdc/350 Vac

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 Note: Each HHM61 comes complete with test leads, type K beaded wire probe, 9 V battery, wrist strap, carrying case and operator’s manual

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