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Infrared Thermocouple Data Logger

Infrared Thermocouple Data Logger
OM-CP-IRTC101A:Infrared Thermocouple Data Logger
$349.00  OM-CP-IRTC101A
5 year warranty NEW!
10-Year Battery Life
Wide Temperature Range
Uses Type K Infrared Thermocouple
High Speed Download
NIST Traceable Calibration
Real-Time Operation
Programmable Start/Stop Time
Miniature Size

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The OM-CP-IRTC101A is a battery powered infrared thermocouple based temperature data logger. It provides nearly instantaneous, non-contact temperature measurements, making it a perfect solution for applications such as surface temperature recording and monitoring moving objects.

The OM-CP-IRTC101A features a 10 year battery life, 1 second reading rate, a multiple start/stop function, ultra-high speed download capability, 500,000 reading storage capacity, optional memory wrap, battery life indicator, optional password protection, programmable high-low alarms and more.

The OM-CP-IRTC101A was designed with our customers in mind. OMEGA offers free firmware upgrades for the life of the product so that data loggers already deployed in the field can grow with new technological developments. Units do not need to be returned to the factory for upgrades. The user can do this from any PC.

This is an all-in-one compact, portable, easy to use device that will measure and record up to 500,000 measurements per channel. The storage medium is non-volatile solid state memory, providing maximum data security even if the battery becomes discharged. The device can be started and stopped directly from your computer and its small size allows it to fit almost anywhere.

The OM-CP-IRTC101A makes data retrieval quick and easy. Simply plug it into an empty COM or USB port and our user-friendly software does the rest.

-40 to 80°C (-40 to 176°F)
Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C (0.18°F)
Logger Calibrated Accuracy: ±0.25°C (±0.45°F)
Thermocouple Type:
K (infrared, contact sales for other types)
Thermocouple Connection: Female subminiature (SMP)
Cold Junction Compensation: Automatic, based on internal channel
Maximum Thermocouple Resistance: 3000Ω
Thermocouple Type: K
Range (°C): See To Order chart below
Sensor: ±2.0°C
Field of View: 60° (1:1)
Minimum Spot Size: 8 mm (0.3")
Spectral Response: 6.5 to 14 µ
Reading Rate: 1 reading every 2 seconds to 1 every 12 hours
Memory: 500,000 readings per channel (1,000,000 readings total)
software configurable memory wrap 250,000 readings in multiple start/stop mode
Wrap Around: Yes
Start Modes:
Immediate start
Delay start up to 18 months
Multiple pushbutton start/stop
Stop Modes:
Manual through software
Timed (specific date and time)
Multiple Start/Stop Mode: Start and stop the device multiple times without having
to download data or communicate with a PC
Multiple Start/Stop Mode Activation:
  To Start the Device: Press and hold the pushbutton for 5 seconds,
  the green LED will flash during this time. The device has started logging
  To Stop the Device:
  Press and hold the pushbutton for 5 seconds, the red LED will flash during this time.
  The device has stopped logging.
Real Time Recording: May be used with PC to monitor and record data in real time
Alarm: Programmable high and low limits; alarm is activated when temperature reaches
or exceeds set limits
LED Functionality:
  Green LED Blinks:
10 second rate to indicate logging; 15 second rate to indicate delay start
  Red LED Blinks: 10 second rate to indicate low battery and/or full memory; 1 second rate
  to indicate an alarm condition
Password Protection: An optional password may be programmed into the device to restrict access
to configuration options. Data may be read out without the password.
Battery Type: 3.6V lithium battery included; user replaceable
Battery Life: 10 years typical at a 15 minute reading rate
Data Format: Date and time stamped °C, °F, K, °R, µV, mV, V
Time Accuracy: ±1 minute/month (at 20°C, stand alone data logging)
Computer Interface: USB (interface cable required); 115,200 baud
Software: XP SP3/Vista/7 and 8 (32 and 64-bit)
Operating Environment: -18 to 70°C (-40 to 158°F)
Dimensions: 36 x 56 x 16 mm (1.4 x 2.2 x 0.6")
Weight: 24 g (0.9 oz)
Infrared Thermocouple Dimensions: 3.25 L x 1.80 cm Dia. (1.28 x 0.71");
0.9 m (36") PFA coated unshielded stranded wire
Operating Temperature
: -20 to 80ºC (-4 to 176ºF)
IP Rating: IP65
Dimensions: 62 H x 93 W x 25 mm D (2.45 x 3.66 x 0.93")
Material: Anodized aluminum with polycarbonate cover
Weight: 140 g (5 oz)

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 Part Number   Availability   Price   Description    Qty.
    OM-CP-IRTC101A 6 Weeks   $349.00    Infrared thermocouple data logger  
    OM-CP-IRTC101A-CERT 6 Weeks   $409.00    Infrared thermocouple data logger with NIST calibration certificate  
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    OM-CP-WATERBOX101A-KIT 5 Weeks   $10.00    Maintenance kit for OM-CP-WATERBOX101A  
    OS36-01-K-50F-SMPW 3 Weeks   $191.00    K infrared thermocouple, -18 to 27°C (0 to 80°F)  
    OS36-01-K-80F-SMPW 3 Weeks   $191.00    K infrared thermocouple, 10 to 49°C (50 to 120°F)  
    OS36-01-K-98.6F-SMPW 3 Weeks   $191.00    K infrared thermocouple, 16 to 39°C (60 to 102°F)  
    OS36-01-K-140F-SMPW 3 Weeks   $191.00    K infrared thermocouple, 25 to 80°C (80 to 180°F)  
    OS36-01-K-180F-SMPW 3 Weeks   $191.00    K infrared thermocouple, 70 to 104°C (160 to 220°F)  
    OS36-01-K-240F-SMPW 3 Weeks   $191.00    K infrared thermocouple, 95 to 130°C (200 to 270°F)  
    OS36-01-K-280F-SMPW 3 Weeks   $191.00    K infrared thermocouple, 125 to 155°C (260 to 310°F)  
    OS36-01-K-340F-SMPW 3 Weeks   $191.00    K infrared thermocouple, 145 to 175°C (290 to 350°F)  
    OS36-01-K-440F-SMPW 3 Weeks   $191.00    K infrared thermocouple, 170 to 250°C (340 to 480°F)  
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 Note: OM-CP-IRTC101A Infrared thermocouple data logger OM-CP-IRTC101A-CERT† Infrared thermocouple data logger with NIST calibration certificate OM-CP-IFC200 Windows software and 3.7 m (12') USB interface cable OM-CP-BAT105 Replacement 3.6V lithium battery
OM-CP-WATERBOX101A Water resistant enclosure for data logger
 Ordering Example: (1) OM-CP-IRTC101A-CERT Infrared thermocouple data logger with NIST calibration certificate, $409.00

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