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Digital Closed Loop Controller For Use With AC or DC Adjustable Speed Drive Systems

OMDC-ASP10 Digital Closed Loop Controller   
Digital Closed Loop Motor Controller
OMDC-ASP10 Digital Closed Loop Controller:Digital Closed Loop Controller For Use With AC or DC Adjustable Speed Drive Systems
$572.00  OMDC-ASP10
1 year warranty
Connects to Speedpot Input of AC and DC Motor Drives
Adjustable Min/Max and Accel/Decel Speeds
Pulse Input Capacity of 50,000 PPM, 833 Hz
Display Programmable for All Engineering Units
NEMA 4X Rated Faceplate
Universal Power Supply: 85 to 265 Vac
Programmable Alarm Output
Multiple Operational Modes: Rate, Time, Follower
Output is 0-2 to 0-24 VDC

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Sample Application: A pump control which displays liters per minute with an alarm to warn operator of low or stopped flow

The OMDC-ASP10 is a compact, economical control that can be used with conventional AC, DC, or Brushless DC adjustable speed drive systems to provide an LED display of set speeds and precise, digital closed loop motor speed control. An on-board microprocessor with non-volatile memory coupled with sophisticated internal software makes the OMDC-ASP10 the ultimate in accuracy and control. Target speeds are displayed directly in RPM, FPM, GPM, process time, or any other engineering unit of measure. Friendly front-panel field programming permits customizing the controller to the exact specifications for each application; maximum and minimum set speed, decimal points or colon, operating mode (master or follower), and the constant which takes into account motor gear ratios.

The OMDC-ASP10 is simple to operate… just set the desired RPM, rate, or time in the large ½" LED display by depressing the "up-down" pushbuttons, one digit at a time or fast sweep. The OMDC-ASP10 settings are exact and repeatable. It will precisely control speed to a remarkable ±½ RPM of set speed, long term. The panel mount unit is easy to install into a standard 18 DIN cutout. All wiring connects directly to a rugged screw type terminal strip through the easy access rear panel.

Temperature: -10 to 45°C (14 to 113°F)
AC Input Voltage: 85 to 265 Vac
Input Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz
Transducer Signal Input: 0-5 to 0-24 Vdc
On-Board Power Supply: 5 Vdc, 50 mA for external sensors
Cutout: 92 W x 45 mm H (3.62 x 1.77")
Dimensions: 115 W x 58 H x 117 mm D (4.54 x 2.29 x 4.63")

To Order (Specify Model Number)
 Part Number   Availability   Price   Description    Qty.
 OMDC-ASP10 In Stock   $572.00    Digital closed loop controller for ac/dc speed control  
 OMDC-ASP20    Consult sales   Digital closed loop PID controller for ac/dc speed control  
 OMDC-PU-40E In Stock   $135.00    Shaft mounted pick-up sensor, 20 pulses per revolution  
 OMDC-PU-2E In Stock   $135.00    Shaft mounted pick-up sensor, 1 pulse per revolution  
 Accessory Products
 OMPMDC1-18-180V-56C In Stock   $367.00    1 HP DC motor, 180V, TEFC enclosure  
 WTL-SNB24D4 4 Weeks   $84.00    24 Vac/dc 1 tier surface mount stacklight, Red incandescent steady light module  
 FTB372 8 Weeks   $630.00    1" NPT water turbine, max flow 158 LPM (41.6 GPM), 5 to 24 Vdc NPN open collector output ( hall effect)  
All dollar amounts on this site are shown in US currency.

 Note: Comes complete with operator’s manual.
 Ordering Example: (1) OMDC-ASP10 Digital closed loop speed controller, $572.00,  plus (1) OMDC-PU-2E Pick-up sensor (1 pulse/revolution), $135.00, $572.00 + 135.00 = $707.00

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