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Pressure Volume Controllers, AVC-1000 and AVC-3000, Vacuum to 1000 or Vacuum to 3000

AVC-1000 and AVC-3000   
AVC-1000 and AVC-3000:Pressure Volume Controllers, AVC-1000 and AVC-3000, Vacuum to 1000 or Vacuum to 3000
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$1,960.00  AVC-1000
Accurately Adjusts Vacuum or Pressure In Closed Systems
1000 or 3000 PSI Models
Built In Balance Valve Prevents Excessive Differential Pressures

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OMEGA Pressure Volume Controllers provide an easy-to-use means of rapidly and accurately adjusting the pressure in a closed system. These pressure controllers provide the ability to precisely adjust pressure within 0.00025 psi. When used with digital pressure gauges, dial gauges, transducers, pressure switches, air deadweight testers, manometers and other similar devices, they provide a fast and accurate means of setting a precise pressure. OMEGA Pneumatic Controllers are available for use with pressures up to 3000 psi.

Engineered to provide superior performance and safety, these devices incorporate a unique pressure balance valve. This valve is opened during initial system pressurization. When opened, the valve provides equal pressure to both sides of the piston assembly. After the system has been pressurized, the valve is closed. When the valve is closed, a change in piston position will result in a change in the pressure within the system. Simply turning the large pressure adjust knob repositions the piston to increase or decrease the pressure.

Equalization of pressure on both sides of the piston assures ease of pressure setting. In addition, the valve performs a safety function. The balance valve will open automatically if an excessive pressure differential is generated across the piston. In essence, the valve serves as a safety relief valve and protects the controller from damage due to excessive pressure differentials within the unit.

Range (psi) Vacuum to 1000 Vacuum to 3000
Proof (psi) 2000 6000
Burst (psi) 6000 min 12,000 min
Resolution (psi) 0.00025 0.0005
Volume Change 57.35 mL (3.5 in³) 40.97 (2.5 in³)
Mechanical Rotation
(Total Turns)
31 61
Connection (Female) 1/8 NPT 1/8 NPT
Operating Temp Range -18 to 49°C (20 to 120°F)
Construction Aluminum body, stainless steel, brass, PTFE, acetal and Buna-N

To Order (Specify Model Number)    
 Part Number   Availability   Price   Description RoHS   Qty.
 AVC-1000 9 Weeks   $1,960.00    Pressure Volume Controller 1000 psi operating range RoHS compliant
 AVC-3000 9 Weeks   $2,310.00    Pressure Volume Controller 3000 psi operating range RoHS compliant
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 Ordering Example: (1) AVC-1000 is a volume controller with vacuum to 1000 psi operating range, $1,960.00

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