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Digital Refractometers  - Discontinued

DRFH Series   
Digital Refractometers
DRFH Series:Digital Refractometers  - Discontinued
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Powers Off after 3 Minutes of Non-Use
°C/°F Conversion
Low-Voltage Alarm
Automatic Temperature Compensation
Temperature and Refraction Measurements
Easy Pushbutton Calibration

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The DRFH series has been discontinued. Please see the RFH Series as possible alternatives or contact our Engineering department.

All water-based solutions can make light bend, a process known as refraction. The rate at which light bends is in direct proportion to the solution concentration. A refractometer is an instrument that measures the concentration of an aqueous solution by calculating its refractive index. Refractometers are used throughout the food, agriculture, chemical, and manufacturing industries.
OMEGA®’s DRFH450 Series handheld digital refractometers are lightweight, precise optical instruments that can determine the refractive index in only a few drops of solution. These refractometers are suitable for a wide range of measurement applications, including Brix scale, alcohol, propylene glycol, protein in serum, salinity, Baumé scale, industrial fluids, and specific gravity.

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 Part Number   Availability   Price   Description RoHS   Qty.
 DRFH450    Consult sales   Brix 0 to 45% RoHS compliant
 DRFHUP-320    Consult sales   Urine SP G. OR serum P, 1.000 to 1.050 or 0 to 12g/dL RoHS compliant
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 Note: Comes with suction tube, carrying case and operator's manual.
 Ordering Example: (1) DRFH45-121 0 to 45% Brix or reference index, $525.00

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