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ELC Programming Software

ELC Programming Software
ELCSOFT and ELCSOFTGP:ELC Programming Software
$296.00  ELCSOFTGP
Operating Systems: Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Requires Hard Drive: At least 100MB
Requires RAM: At least 256MB

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ELCSoft programming software runs on a PC and is used to configure all of the ELC controllers. With ELCSoft, programs can be created, edited, downloaded, uploaded, monitored and forced. The software supports copying programs from one controller to a different one with ease and it also supports copying programs to and from the hand-held programmer accessory. ELCSoft provides a powerful instruction set usually found only in more expensive PLCs:
  • Floating point math
  • Trig functions
  • Clock/calendar instructions
  • Modbus RTU/ASCII instructions
  • High-speed pulse capture/pulse output
  • Interrupts
  • Matrix operations
  • Retentive data storage
  • Stepper motor positioning control
  • PID functions with Autotune
  • Fuzzy temperature control
ELCSoftGP programming software configures all ELC graphic panels. With ELCSoftGP, applications can be created, edited, downloaded, uploaded, and much more. Move programs from 1 panel to another with ease.

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Click to expand/minimize a list of what others bought with the ELCSOFT  ELCSOFT In Stock   $277.00    Programming software for ELC controllers  
Click to expand/minimize a list of what others bought with the ELCSOFTGP  ELCSOFTGP In Stock   $296.00    Programming software for Graphic Panels  
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