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Vortex Flowmeters For Liquids Only with Flows As Low As 0.6 GPM - Discontinued

FV-600 Series Discontinued

FV-600 Series Discontinued:Vortex Flowmeters For Liquids Only with Flows As Low As 0.6 GPM - Discontinued

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1 year warranty RoHS
  • Standard 4 to 20 mA Output for Use with DPF60 Batch and Ratemeters
  • All-Plastic Wetted Parts – Excellent for Use with Low Viscosity Corrosives and Ultra-Pure Liquids
  • Modular Components Easily Replaced in the Field
  • Male NPT Connected –Threads Directly In-Line


The FV-600 Series has been discontinued. Please see the FV-200 Series as a possible substitute or contact our Flow and Environmental department.

OMEGA’s FV-600 and FV-500 Series vortex flow meters operate on the same field-proven vortex shedding principle. The FV-600 vortex flowmeter can operate on liquids with up to 6 centistoke viscosity; however, the minimum measureable flowrate rises to 50% of max. span. The 4 to 20 mA output is suitable for use with the DPF60 series meter, (see link below), as well as with OMEGA’s chart recorders and computer interfaces.
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Part Number/Desc.
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1/4 " NPT, 0.6 min gpm, 5gpm max*, 20 psi max pressure drop, 0.68 kg(1.5 lbs) 133mm (5.25")
RoHS compliant
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2" NPT, 16.7 min gpm, 200 gpm max*, 6 psi max pressure drop1.23 kg (2.7lbs) 213 mm(8.38")
RoHS compliant
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Note: *Max span GPM = 20 mA; this can be adjusted with field calibration, which can be performed with a frequency source.