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Clamp-On, Non-Contact Milliamp Meter

HHMA2 - No Longer Available

Clamp-On, Non-Contact Milliamp Meter HHMA2 | HHMA2 - No Longer Available

Clamp-On, Non-Contact Milliamp Meter HHMA2

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1 year warranty
  • Resolution as Low as 100 µA
  • True RMS Measurement UBuilt in 3 1 /2 Digit Display USimple Clamp-On Operation
  • Frequency Range DC to 100 kHz
  • Supplied with Hard Carrying Case
  • Basic DC Accuracy of 1% of Reading
  • Built to IEC 1010 Safety Standards
  • BNC Analog Output for Connection to Oscilloscope or Recorder
  • Measures Low Level DC & AC Currents from 0 to 2000 mA
  • Data Stream Verification
  • Measuring Ground Currents
  • Isolating Faults on Electronic Circuits
  • Verification of Power Supply Currents
  • Troubleshooting 4-20 mA Control Loops
  • Automotive Computer Control Diagnostics
  • Low Current Measurements in R&D Laboratories


The model HHMA2 provides non-contact measurement of very low dc and ac currents. It features an easy-to- read 3 1 /2 digit display and analog output for connection to an oscilloscope or recorder.
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Clamp-on non-contact milliammeter
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Note: Each unit comes with: operator’s manual, carrying case, (2) 9 V batteries.