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Load-Cells Interface Card For PC/AT or Compatibles

Load-Cells Interface Card For PC/AT or Compatibles
LCIC-1106A:Load-Cells Interface Card For PC/AT or Compatibles
$1,970.00  LCIC-1106A
1 year warranty OmegaCare RoHS
Compatible with all load cells and other strain gage based transducers
Replaces all conventional weighing indicators. Card resides directly on computer bus, thus eliminating slower RS232 and other communication ports
Suitable for all dynamic, force measuring and real time applications
Ultra fast A/D conversions (400 per second after filtering)
Optional I/O card (8 outputs and 4 inputs all opto-isolated)
Up to 16 cards may be installed in one PC
Includes Utilities for Easy Installation and Calibration. Also Includes OCX Drivers for Windows 95/98 with Examples for Visual Basic and C++

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The LCIC 1106A is a load-cell interface card for the IBM PC/AT and compatible computers. It will accept any type of strain gage based load cell. Each card can read one load measurement. The card will directly power up to six 350Ohm load cells wired in parallel. In fact, it is a completely stand-alone sophisticated weighing indicator with 16 bit internal resolution and very fast A/D conversion rate. Direct communication with the PC’s bus and high frequency sampling enable the LCIC-1106A to handle real time applications impossible with external indicators via serial communication. The stand-alone microcomputer based interface card, requires no other interfacing accessories, simply connect the load cell directly to the card and you are ready for calibration.

To Order (Specify Model Number)
 Part Number   Availability   Price   Description RoHS   Qty.
 LCIC-1106A In Stock   $1,970.00    Load cell interface board RoHS compliant
 LCIC-1107 In Stock   $235.00    Optional I/O module for LCIC-1106A RoHS compliant
 LCIC-TERM In Stock   $85.00    Screw terminal panel for LCIC-1106A (includes 1.0 M cable) RoHS compliant
 LCIC-PLUG In Stock   $85.00    Calibration plug. Allows LCIC-1106A to be calibrated without weights RoHS compliant
 LC-ANALYZE In Stock   $1,280.00    Graphic software for analyzing load cell behavior RoHS compliant
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