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Infrared Thermometer and Energy Meter. Measure Temperature and Heat Flow

OS-650, OS-651, OS-652   
Infrared Thermometer and Energy Meter
OS-650, OS-651, OS-652:Infrared Thermometer and Energy Meter. Measure Temperature and Heat Flow
$1,755.00  OS-650
2 year warranty
Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer and Energy Meter
Measures Temperature and Heat Flow
-29 to 1093°C (-20°F to 2000°F)
Peak Hold
Locate Insulation Defects
Easy to Use!
Manual Examples For:
  • R-Values
  • U-Values
  • Determination of Heating/Cooling Costs
  • Energy Loss/Gain Through Walls/Window

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    The OS-650 kit is designed to perform energy audits, insulation inspection, and general plant maintenance. The temperature meter uses a non-contact sensor to measure temperatures, while the heat flow meter is an infrared radiometer designed to detect insulation defects, estimate R- values, and measure heat loss through building walls, windows. LCD readouts show temperature and heat flow data which are readily translated into information to determine energy costs.

    Caution: This product and all in the series are not for use in medical evaluations. These products cannot be used to measure body temperature. They are meant for industrial and scientific purposes.

    To Order (Specify Model Number)
     Part Number   Availability   Price   Description    Qty.
     OS-650 8 Weeks   $1,755.00    Energy conservation and plant maintenance kit  
     OS-651 8 Weeks   $875.00    Temperature meter only  
     OS-652 8 Weeks   $875.00    20 Heat flow meter only  
    All dollar amounts on this site are shown in US currency.

     Note: Kit comes with both temperature and heat flow meters, rugged carrying case, 9 V battery, and complete operator's manual which includes heating and cooling cost estimation.
     Ordering Example: (1) OS-650 Energy conservation and plant maintenance kit, $1,755.00

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