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Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer

OS499 Series

OS499 Series:Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer

Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer

$189.00 OS499L-12

1 year warranty CE
  • Infrared Up to 760°C (1400°F)
  • Dual Lasers for Better Targeting
  • High DS (Distance to Spot) Ratio up to 30:1
  • Color Bar Displays Temperature in Max/Min Mode
  • Built-In Flashlight
  • Mini Thermocouple Socket up to 1400°C (2552°F)
  • Large LCD with Power Backlight
  • Ave, Dif, Max, Min, Lock Modes
  • Hi/Lo Temperature Audible Alarm
  • Laser/LED and Backlight On/Off Control
  • Emissivity Adjustable from 0.1 to 1.00 (Preset at 0.95)
  • °C/°F Selectable
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The OS499 Series are fully functional infrared non-contact temperature measuring devices and compatibility with Type K thermocouples. Unit has a very long battery life (typical 8 days), is obtained from 2 "AAA" batteries (included). The model with 30:1 field of view measures small and distant targets. Display backlight enables night and low light viewing. These features give the OS499 the versatility to meet most temperature measurement requirements.

Measurement Range:
    OS499L-12: -60 to 550°C (-76 to 1022°F)
    OS499L-30: -60 to 760°C (-76 to 1400°F)
Full Range Accuracy (Tamb=23 ±3°C):
    Tobj = -60 to 0°C: ±(2+0.05/°C) °C
    Tobj = -0 to 760°C: ±2% of reading or 2°C (4°F) whichever is greater
Distance: Spot
    OS499L-12: 12:1
    OS499L-30: 30:1
Mode: Ave, dif, hi/low alarm, real time max/min, lock; color bar display
Thermocouple Probe: Small socket, K type, 12 minutes auto power off
Measurement Range*: -60 to 1400°C (-83.2 to 2552°F)
Probe Accuracy: ±1% of reading or 1°C (1.8°F) whichever is greater (test under Tamb = 23 ±6°C)
Dimensions: 119 x 48 x 172 mm (4.7 x 1.87 x 6.76")
Weight: 255.7 g (9.02 oz)
*Actual temperature range depends on the Type K thermocouple probe selected.
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Note: Comes complete with operator’s manual, 1-type K thermocouple and 2 "AAA" batteries.
Ordering Example: (1) OS499L-30 infrared thermometer 30:1 field of view, $229.00