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pH Analyzer

pH Analyzer
PHCN-670 Series - DISCONTINUED:pH Analyzer
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1 year warranty NEW! CE
pH/ORP Measurement Capability
Multiple Language Capability
Menu Guided Operation
Two 4 to 20 mA dc Outputs
2 or 4 Relays
Relays For On-Off Control or Alarm
Accurate Differential Measurement Technique
Encapsulated Electronics
Double Junction
Universal Mounting
Chemical Resistant Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) Body
Up to 914 m (3000 ft.) Transmission Distance SPECIFICATIONS PHE-6028-PO Differential pH Sensor
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The PHCN-674 1 /4 DIN panel mounted or the PHCN-675 and PHCN-676 1 /2 DIN panel or surface mounted pH analyzers are powerful but easy to use. They accept many different types of pH or ORP electrodes including the special PHE-6028-PO preamplified differential sensor. The units feature multiple language capability in English, French, German or Spanish and menu screens which guide you through setup, calibration, operation and test maintenance functions. pH DIFFERENTIAL SENSOR TECHNOLOGY The unique differential sensor technology offers many advantages over conventional sensor technology. It uses three measuring electrodes instead of the two contained in conventional pH sensors. The process electrode and standard electrode measure the pH differentially with respect to a third ground electrode. This technique is proven to provide unsurpassed accuracy, reduce reference junction fouling, and virtually eliminate ground loops. The benefit is greater reliability with less downtime and maintenance. The differential sensor, with its built-in preamplifier, boosts the high impedance mV signals of the electrodes, providing a strong signal which can be transmitted up to 914 m (3000 feet). For full specifications download the PDF file below under "Related Links".

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 Note: Units come with complete operator's manual and mounting brackets.
 Ordering Example: (1) PHEH-65-10 Required mounting assembly for pH electrode PHE-6510, $68.00,  plus (1) PHA-4 4.01 pH buffer solution 475 ml bottle, $10.00,  plus (1) PHA-7 7.01 pH buffer solution 475 ml bottle, $10.00, $68.00 + 10.00 + 10.00 = $88.00

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