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Pressure Transmitter, Industrial, Rangeable

PX5100 Rangeable Pressure Transmitter   
PX5100 Rangeable Pressure Transmitter:Pressure Transmitter, Industrial, Rangeable
$665.00  PX5100-015CGI
1 year warranty NEW! CE
Compact Size
NEMA 4X (IP65) Environmental Rating
Backlit Display for Easy Reading
Display Rotates in Increments to Fit Location
All Stainless Steel Wetted Parts
Quick Ranging with Internal Push-Buttons
Scale to Display in Engineering Units
MIN/MAX and HOLD Functions
Program Lock Function
High Overpressure
High Life Cycles
Key Lock Function

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The OMEGA PX5100 is a compact, industrial, rangeable, pressure transmitter ideal for monitoring pressures in process automation, hydraulic systems, compressors, pumps and in tank level applications where consistent, reliable pressure measurement is essential. The PX5100 has rugged field-proven thin film sensor technology and can monitor a wide variety of wet or dry media. Available in ranges from 0-50 to 0-7500 psi and compound ranges up to -15/50 psi, this versatile transmitter includes min, max to record high and low pressure events and hold feature. A rugged aluminum NEMA 4X (IP65) enclosure measures only 2.65" in diameter and incorporates a backlit LCD display for local reading. The output is a two-wire configurable 4 to 20 mA signal that can be adjusted to re-range the transmitter or “tare” unwanted fluid head preloads. Rangeability for zero and span are from -10% to 110% FS URL (Upper Range Limit). This means a 100 psi transducer can have the zero set between -10 psi to FS 110 psi. For example zero could be set for 30 psi and maximum 90 psi so the output would be 4 mA at 30 psi, midpoint 12 mA would be 60 psi and 20 mA would be 90 psi.

Output: 4 to 20 mAdc (2-wire)
Supply Voltage: 12 to 32 Vdc Vmin=12V+(0.022Ax loop res)
Insulation Resistance: 50 Vdc (>100 M Ω)
    Zero: -10 to 110% FS
    Span: -10 to 110% FS
Accuracy: ±0.25% FS URL(Upper Range Limit) @23°C includes linearity, hysteresis and repeatability
Note: Accuracy and output resolution based upon FS (URL) value.
Stability: ±0.25% FS/year
Response Time: 30 ms (adjustable)
Output Resolution: 0.1% FS (URL)
Display: 4 digit, 10 mm LCD with Red backlight
Display Accuracy: ±0.25% FS (URL) + 1 digit
Storage Temperature: -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Operating Temperature: -10 to 60°C (14 to 140°F)
Compensated Temperature: -10 to 60°C (14 to 140°F)
Temperature Effects (Over Comp Range): ±0.02% FS (URL)/°C (from 23°C reference)
Overpressure (FS):
≤1500 psi Proof: 200%
    Burst: 500%
    Proof: 3000, 5000 psi
    Proof: 200%
    Burst: 500%
7500 psi Proof: 120%
    Burst: 150%
Vibration: 5 g's 150 Hz
Shock: 10 g's 16 ms
Pressure Connection: ¼NPT female
Electrical Connection: ½NPT female conduit fitting
Environmental Rating: NEMA 4X (IP65)
CE Compliance: EN 613261 199, A1/1998, A2/2001 heavy industrial
Media: Fluids and gasses compatible with 316SS and 17-4 pH SS
Weight: Approx 454 g (1 lb)

To Order (Specify Model Number)
 Part Number   Availability   Price   Description    Qty.
 PX5100-015CGI 1 Week   $665.00    Gage Pressure Transmitter, -Vac to +15 psi  
 PX5100-030CGI 7 Weeks   $665.00    Gage Pressure Transmitter, -Vac to +30 psi  
 PX5100-050CGI In Stock   $665.00    Gage Pressure Transmitter, -Vac to +50 psi  
 PX5100-050GI 1 Week   $665.00    Pressure Pressure Transmitter, 0 to 50 psi  
 PX5100-100GI In Stock   $665.00    Pressure Pressure Transmitter, 0 to 100 psi  
 PX5100-150GI In Stock   $665.00    Pressure Pressure Transmitter, 0 to 150 psi  
 PX5100-300GI 7 Weeks   $665.00    Pressure Pressure Transmitter, 0 to 300 psi  
 PX5100-500GI In Stock   $665.00    Pressure Pressure Transmitter, 0 to 500 psi  
 PX5100-1KGI 7 Weeks   $665.00    Pressure Pressure Transmitter, 0 to 1000 psi  
 PX5100-1.5KGI 7 Weeks   $665.00    Pressure Pressure Transmitter, 0 to 1500 psi  
 PX5100-3KGI 7 Weeks   $665.00    Pressure Pressure Transmitter, 0 to 3000 psi  
 PX5100-5KGI 1 Week   $665.00    Pressure Pressure Transmitter, 0 to 5000 psi  
 PX5100-7.5KGI 7 Weeks   $665.00    Pressure Pressure Transmitter, 0 to 7500 psi  
All dollar amounts on this site are shown in US currency.

 Note: Comes complete with mounting bracket and operator's manual.
 Ordering Example: (1) PX5100-100GI 100 psig rangeable transmitter, 4 to 20 mA output., $665.00

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