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8 Input Portable Thermometer/Data Logger with SD card

Temperature Data Logger
RDXL8:8 Input Portable Thermometer/Data Logger with SD card
$1,999.00  RDXL8
1 year warranty NEW! CE
8 Configurable Isolated Inputs for Thermocouples and DC Millivolts
27 mm (5") Display
Graphic Display of Each Input
Programmable Hi or Lo Alarm for 8 Inputs
2 GB SD Card and Software Included
Built-In Calendar Clock
USB Communication with PC for Downloading Data
Stand-Alone Operation Through Graphical Display

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The RDXL8 with its high resolution and fast analog to digital converter will meet the data logging requirements in most industrial applications. The ability to show measured values and to analyze them on its graphical display eliminates the need to download collected data to a computer for further analysis. The RDXL8 is the perfect choice for remote logging, and ideal for use as a mobile measuring device for the industrial environment. The RDXL8 series multipoint data logger is valuable in the industry because of their ability to perform integrated recording, profiling and archiving functions. They offer display versatility and flexible data storage. Using a 2G SD: RDXL8 can store upto 119,836,800 points of data for 8 channels at the same time

Battery Type: RDXL8: Eight 1.5V “AA” alkaline batteries (included) RDXL8CD: One 11.1v lithium battery (included)
AC Adaptor:
    DC: Regulated 12V/300 mA output
    AC: 110V or 220V input
Power Consumption: 100 mA (with backlight), 70 mA (without backlight) Cold Junction Compensation
Accuracy: ±0.5°C/±0.9°F
Temperature Coefficient: 0.01% of FS/°C
Isolated Input Protection Between Any Two Inputs: 350 Vp -p
Dimensions: 257 L x 155 W x 57 mm D (10.1 x 6.1 x 2.2")
Weight: 1160 g (40.9 oz) (with batteries)
Operation Environment: 0 to 50°C, 85% RH
Storage Environment: -20 to 60°C, 75% RH

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 Part Number   Availability   Price   Description    Qty.
    RDXL8 In Stock   $1,999.00    Multi-input thermometer/data logger  
    RDXL8CD 2 Weeks   $2,550.00    Color version RDXL8  
Click to expand/minimize a list of what others bought with the KTSS-HH  KTSS-HH In Stock   $32.00    K Thermocouple, Grounded, 1/8" diameter, 6" long  
Click to expand/minimize a list of what others bought with the 88007K  88007K 1 Week   $121.00    Surface Probe Type K  
    RDXL800-PRINTER In Stock   $460.00    Thermal printer for RDXL8 only  
    RDXL800CD-PRINTER    Consult sales   RDXL8CD printer only  
    RDXL800-PAPER In Stock   $20.00    Thermal paper (2 rolls)  
    2GB-SD In Stock   $10.00    Spare 2 GB SD card  
    CAL-3-RDXL8    Consult sales   Cal cert: 3 pts per input; total 24 pts. Default type K: 0C; 700C; 1350C  
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 Note: Comes complete (8) 1.5V “AA” alkaline batteries (model RDXL8 only; model RDXL8CD comes with one 11.1v lithium battery), AC adaptor, USB cable, software CD, SD card (2 GB), (8) Type K beaded wire thermocouples, carrying case, software and operator’s manuals.
 Ordering Example: (1) RDXL8 Multi-input thermometer/data logger, $1,999.00

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