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Infrared Temperature Measurement Instruments

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Infrared Measurement Product Finder
Image of Infrared Measurement Product Finder
Easily find and compare infrared sensors. Use the finder tool to view a refined list of sensors with only the specifications you need. VIEW PRODUCTS »
Infrared Reference
Image of Infrared Reference
Information to help find or compare portable infrared thermometer specifications. VIEW PRODUCTS »
Thermal Imagers
Image of Thermal Imagers
Thermal imaging thermometers for a wide range of non-contact applications. VIEW PRODUCTS »
SUPERMETER™ Multimeter/Thermometer
Image of SUPERMETER™ Multimeter/Thermometer
Digital multimeter/thermometer with a built-in infrared sensor and laser sighting for non-contact temperature measurement, using our patented Laser Circle/Dot Sighting. VIEW PRODUCTS »
OMEGASCOPE® Handheld Infrared Thermometers
Image of OMEGASCOPE® Handheld Infrared Thermometers
Choose from our large selection of non-contact handheld and thermal imaging thermometers. VIEW PRODUCTS »
Handheld Infrared Thermocouples
Image of Handheld Infrared Thermocouples
Infrared handheld thermocouples for special applications. VIEW PRODUCTS »
Pocket/Stick-Type Infrared Thermometers
Image of Pocket/Stick-Type Infrared Thermometers
Get a quick temperature reading anywhere, anytime with these pocket size infrared thermometers. VIEW PRODUCTS »
Stick-Type Light Meters
Image of Stick-Type Light Meters
Simple and easy, one-handed operation light meter. VIEW PRODUCTS »
Handheld Infrared Thermometers
Image of Handheld Infrared Thermometers
A wide range of handheld, non-contact thermometers for use in many applications and with multiple calibrations compatibilities. VIEW PRODUCTS »
Infrared Thermocouples
Image of Infrared Thermocouples
Mountable infrared thermocouples for precise, steady and clos-up temperature monitoring. VIEW PRODUCTS »
Fixed Mount Infrared Thermometer/Transmitters
Image of Fixed Mount Infrared Thermometer/Transmitters
A variety of fixed-mount infrared thermometers for a range of applications. VIEW PRODUCTS »
Fiber Optic Temperature Measurement Instruments
Image of Fiber Optic Temperature Measurement Instruments
High Temperature Infrared Fiber Optic Thermometers, Sensors and Polymer Bolt Systems VIEW PRODUCTS »
Black Body Calibrators
Image of Black Body Calibrators
Make sure that your infrared is giving you the correct readings with OMEGA's selection of Infrared calibrators. VIEW PRODUCTS »