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Temperature Transmitters

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Signal Conditioners for Temperature
Image of Signal Conditioners for Temperature
Easily find and compare signal conditioners. Use the finder tool to view a refined list of signal conditioners with only the specifications you need. VIEW PRODUCTS »
Transmitter Selection Guide
Image of Transmitter Selection Guide
Find and compare transmitter specifications to find the right one for your application. VIEW PRODUCTS »
Loop Powered Indicators for Transmitters
Image of Loop Powered Indicators for Transmitters
Loop powered indicators have digital displays and are ideal for remote readings. VIEW PRODUCTS »
Miniature Transmitters
Image of Miniature Transmitters
Compact sized transmitters fit into most protection heads and eliminates costly wire set-ups. VIEW PRODUCTS »
High Isolation Rugged Transmitters
Image of High Isolation Rugged Transmitters
Two-wire Operation Power is obtained directly from the 4 to 20 mA loop, with no need for separate power input. This simplifies field wiring and eliminates the possibility of noise pickup from power lines. VIEW PRODUCTS »
Smart and Programmable Transmitters
Image of Smart and Programmable Transmitters
These smart transmitters are ideal for use as remote I/O when used with your data acquisition systems, PLCs or other computer controlled systems. VIEW PRODUCTS »
Modular Transmitters
Image of Modular Transmitters
Interconnect a variety of analog signals for measurement and control systems. VIEW PRODUCTS »
Thermocouple Amplifiers
Image of Thermocouple Amplifiers
Add power to an input signal and to produce a stronger output. VIEW PRODUCTS »
Alarm Module Isolator and Intrinsic Safety Barrier
Image of Alarm Module Isolator and Intrinsic Safety Barrier
Add alarm capability to a control system loop and be alerted as soon as there is a signal fluctuation. VIEW PRODUCTS »
Radio Telemetry Systems, Environmental Transmitters and Power Supplies
Image of Radio Telemetry Systems, Environmental Transmitters and Power Supplies
Specialized transmitting devices and power supplies for a variety of applications and needs. VIEW PRODUCTS »