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Signal Conditioners
Image of Signal Conditioners Easily find and compare signal conditioners. Use the finder tool to view a refined list of signal conditioners with only the specifications you need.
Transmitter Selection Guide
Image of Transmitter Selection Guide Find and compare transmitter specifications to find the right one for your application.
Loop Powered Indicators
Image of Loop Powered Indicators Loop powered indicators have digital displays and are ideal for remote readings.
Miniature Transmitters
Image of Miniature Transmitters Compact sized transmitters fit into most protection heads and eliminates costly wire set-ups.
High Isolation Rugged Transmitters
Image of High Isolation Rugged Transmitters Two-wire Operation Power is obtained directly from the 4 to 20 mA loop, with no need for separate power input. This simplifies field wiring and eliminates the possibility of noise pickup from power lines.
Smart and Programmable Transmitters
Image of Smart and Programmable Transmitters These smart transmitters are ideal for use as remote I/O when used with your data acquisition systems, PLCs or other computer controlled systems.
Modular Transmitters
Image of Modular Transmitters Interconnect a variety of analog signals for measurement and control systems.
Thermocouple Amplifiers
Image of Thermocouple Amplifiers Add power to an input signal and to produce a stronger output.
Alarm Module Isolator and Intrinsic Safety Barrier
Image of Alarm Module Isolator and Intrinsic Safety Barrier Add alarm capability to a control system loop and be alerted as soon as there is a signal fluctuation.
Radio Telemetry Systems, Environmental Transmitters and Power Supplies
Image of Radio Telemetry Systems, Environmental Transmitters and Power Supplies Specialized transmitting devices and power supplies for a variety of applications and needs.

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