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OMEGA Calibration & Testing Services

OMEGA is constantly striving to find new ways to increase the level of service available to our customers. To this end, OMEGA continues to expand the range of calibration services available, offering a broad selection of primary and secondary NIST traceable standards for use in calibrating temperature, infrared humidity, pressure, flow, and force products.

All calibrations are performed by competent, trained technicians. Contact OMEGA’s Customer Service Department (1-800-622-BEST) to discuss your specific calibration requirements.

  • Temperature, Infrared
  • Humidity
  • Pressure, Strain, Force
  • Flow
  • Quick Service, Proper Documentation, and Quality Service Standard
  • NIST Calibration Standards
  • Five Different Calibration Levels to Suit Your Needs
  • ISO9001 Corporate Quality
  • ISO10012-1, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 Structured System
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ISO9001, Stamford, CT   ISO9001, Manchester, UK   Mobile Omegacal™ available   NIST   Factory Omegacal™ available

Wind tunnel OMEGA’s 15' High x 25' Long (5 x 8 Meter) recirculating temperature controlled wind tunnel is used in conjunction with NIST traceable air velocity standards to provide accurate flow calibrations.

Calibrator OMEGA’s in-house calibration standards include a complete line of blackbody calibrators for infrared pyrometer calibration. See Section K.

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