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Force/Strain Calibration Services Provided by OMEGA Pressure

  • NIST traceable Calibrations
  • Reliable, Accurate Certificates
  • Sensor Calibration, Meter Calibration and System Calibration Available
  • High Capacity Dead Weight and Hydraulic Testers

Image of the DP41-S

“S” type load cell shown with DP41-S pressure indicator. See OMEGA’s pressure handbook for our complete line of pressure sensors, transducers, load cells, strain gages, instrumentation and pressure calibration equipment.

Omegacal - Factory Cal label NIST label

Image of hydraulic machine

OMEGAŽ Pressure, located in Columbus, Ohio maintains in-house state-of-the-art NIST traceable calibration standards for all your load cell and strain gage calibration needs. Pictured above is a high capacity dead weight tester (bottom left) and hydraulic tester (top).

Image of weight tester

For Calibration Services Call:

1-800-82-66342 | 1-800-TC-OMEGA

To Order (Specify Calibration Level)
Cal Level Price Description
CAL-1 $0 Statement of Conformance. (Must be requested at time of purchase).
CAL-2* $0 Statement of traceability, no data points. (Must be requested at time of purchase).
CAL-3 $175 Standard 5-Point Calibration: Traceable to NIST with 5 data points(0%, 50%, 100% increasing, 50%, 0% decreasing)
CAL-4 $175
Same as CAL-3 above plus the addition of customer selected data points.
CAL-5T&C $350 Five-Point Calibration - Tension & Compression
CAL-SYS $265 Standard 5-Point Calibration with meter.
CAL-SYS-5T&C $425 Five-Point Calibration with Meter - Tension & Compression
CAL-BAL $265 Sensor Rebalance and Calibration
CAL-EVAL $100 Evaluation Fee (applied to cost if repair or new sensor is ordered; minimum fee even if applied to repair/new order)
CAL-SPEC Consult Factory Special Calibrations - Call 1-800-872-3963

*Not all products are available with NIST traceability Note: Because of the large selection of load cells and pressure instrumentation OMEGA offers, the pricing and calibration data points shown above are only an example and do not apply to every calibration. OMEGA’s Customer Service prior to returning any instrument for calibration service.
Ordering Example: CAL-3, designate this calibration level when NIST traceability is required on the load cell or strain gage you are purchasing new or returning previously purchased equipment for calibration, $175. Back to top Home Products Shop Omega search Contact us Home Products Shop Omega search search contact us Click here for help on ordering products Click here for help on related links. Click here for help on our part number builder Click here for help on ordering products

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