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Flow Calibration Services

    Image of large windtunnel in Omega's manufacturing plant
  • Air Velocity Calibrations
  • Vane Type and Hot Wire Anemometers
  • Highly Accurate NIST Comparison Standards
  • In-House 15' x 25' (5 x 8 m) Recirculating
    Wind Tunnel
  • Fast Turnaround Times

OMEGA’s laboratory grade large temperature and humidity controlled recirculating wind tunnel.

OMEGA maintains a full line of standards for calibrating paddlewheel sensors, mass flow meters, hot wire anemometers and large vane style handheld units. Pictured above is our large wind tunnel, which is fully equipped with chillers, pumps and condensers to keep the recirculating air at a constant temperature and flow rate while achieving flow rates from 25 to 9000 AFPM. This large wind tunnel is used for anemometer and vane type sensor calibration.

image of Omega's Benchtop windtunnel Image of FMA900

OMEGA’s benchtop wind tunnel series model WT44 shown being utilized to calibrate the FMA900 series hot-wire anemometer

For Calibration Services Call:
1-800-82-66342 | 1-800-TC-OMEGA

To Order (Specify Calibration Level)
Cal Level Price Description
CAL-1 $0 Statement of Conformance. (Must be requested at time of purchase).
CAL-2* $0 Statement of traceability, no data points. (Must be requested at time of purchase).
CAL-3-FLOW $235 Calibration traceable to NIST with data points
CAL-4-FLOW $235
Same as CAL-3 above plus the addition of customer selected data points.

*Not all products are available with NIST traceability Note: Because of the large selection of flow sensors, meters and instrumentation OMEGA offers, the pricing and calibration data points shown above are only an example and do not apply to every flow calibration. Contact OMEGA’s Customer Service prior to returning any instrument for calibration service.

Ordering Example: CAL-3-FLOW, designate this calibration level when NIST traceability is required on the flow sensor or instrumentation.
Note: To request NIST traceable calibration on new flow products add suffix “-NIST” to the model number at time of purchase.

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